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How Often Should I Advertise My Small Business?

Author: Charlie Cook   |   June 13th, 2005

“What is the critical frequency for running ads? My own opinion is that a prospect needs to be exposed to the ad at least 3 times per month. Is that right?” – Samuel Bernard

While frequency is important in advertising the first step is to make sure the ad you are using is written correctly to get prospects to contact you and buy from you. Most ads miss the mark and don’t do what they are supposed to do. It doesn’t matter how frequently you run them. Secondly timing, is everything. Run a B-to-B ad on Saturday or Sunday and you’d be wasting your money.

1. Start with an ad written to generate a lead and then a sale.

2. Run it when your target audience is paying attention.

3. Run it at least six to ten times. Better yet, run it twice a week all year long.

Find out how to write ads that sell and use them to generate leads and grow your business with More Sales with Less Selling. Better yet, have an expert write an add for you that sells. – Charlie Cook

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One Response to “How Often Should I Advertise My Small Business?”

  1. Bill Bartmann Says:

    Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! :)

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