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Keep TABs On Your Success

By Michael Angier   |   July 6, 2010

It happens to all of us from time to time. We find ourselves falling short. Something’s off. We aren’t making as much progress as we think we should—and as we used to do.

New strategies and tactics that were promised to work simply don’t. Sometimes we chase off after bright and shiny objects (BSO Syndrome).

And all too often we forget about the things that served us so well. Read More »

Who Believed In You?

By Michael Angier   |   May 6, 2010

Of all the successful people I’ve interviewed and studied, almost every one pointed to an individual (or several) who had a profound and lasting influence on their accomplishments.

In many cases, it was simply someone who had confidence in their potential at a time when they needed someone to believe in them. Read More »

Top 10 Ways to Solve Problems

By Michael Angier   |   February 8, 2010

Being alive means we have and will have problems.

And if we’re going to be confronted with problems the rest of our lives, then becoming good at facing and solving problems seems to me to be a worthy endeavor.

Before I jump into my list, allow me to share a few of my thoughts ABOUT problems.

I believe there is almost always more than one solution to any problem. And if you think there’s only one, you will be significantly limiting yourself. Read More »

Get Knocked Down and Bounce Right Back

By Michael Angier   |   January 22, 2010

When I was 5 or 6 years old, one of the toys I got for Christmas was a clown punching bag.

It stood about my own height and when you punched it, it fell backward but bounced right back because of its round weighted bottom.

It was great fun for a kid. And no doubt my parents were happy to have my rambunctious energy being used up in such a harmless fashion. Read More »

Don’t Forget The Basics

By Michael Angier   |   January 8, 2010

As we begin a New Year—and a new decade—I’m sure you, like many others, are making resolutions, setting goals and creating strategic plans.

It’s hard to beat NEW. Most people look for the new idea, the latest and greatest strategy and the hot tactic of the day.

But in this quest, it’s easy to lose sight of the fundamentals of success and happiness. When we’re focused on the new stuff, it can be easy to neglect the basics.

As my wife and I mapped out the New Year, we talked about new objectives, targets and adventures. But we also talked about the importance of the simpler things; time together, planned IN-activity, sufficient hydration, good exercise and adequate sleep. Read More »