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Your Biggest Fear…And How To Overcome It…

Author: Charlie Cook   |   February 21st, 2012

After talking to thousands of small business owners over the last 20 years of coaching and consulting – I think I can say I know your biggest fear and it’s not what you might guess.

You might wonder how I’m qualified to deduce this, but you should know… one of the two masters degrees I earned was in Psychology.

Now I know a lot of people are afraid of heights, bugs, rodents, public speaking, aliens taking over the planet or even stuff like how you look – but these fears, while they might cause a minor anxiety attack, won’t keep you from growing your business.

So what’s the one fear that keeps most smart small business owners from being truly successful?

What’s the one reason you’re not making 10 times what you are right now?

In my experience – it’s a fear of success.

That’s right, as counterintuitive as this seems most small business owners want to attract more clients, want to grow their business but are afraid of success.

They’re afraid of how they would cope if in fact instead of getting a trickle of new business, new clients started calling all the time and they had more business than they could handle. And they’re concerned they’d be overwhelmed, or even more overwhelmed than they are now.

I know it’s nuts (when you use logic) but it’s an emotional reaction most people have to success. And the result is most people don’t take the steps they need to succeed, and instead live with the status quo.

How about you?

Be honest with yourself.

Is your fear of success limiting your business?

Want to know what to do about it?

Take a deep breath and do the following:

1. Imagine instead of 10 clients a month, or 20 a month you had two to three times as many.

2. Make a plan. What would you do? How would you scale your business? And write your plan down.

3. Line up the resources you’d need. There are millions of people just waiting for your call who’d be more than happy to work for you, part-time or full-time.

Put your plan to the test. Ramp-up your marketing and fine tune your systems and then keep going.

Why does this simple process work to overcome fear of success?

Because by creating a plan – you’re laying the groundwork for your future, not your present situation. And once you have a plan, you’ll gain new confidence in yourself and in success won’t seem so intimidating.

Almost every small business owner I’ve ever talked to could be making five to ten times as much, if they could just overcome their fear of success.

And you can too!

Just leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts,


P.S. Last week I talked about the benefits of having a surplus of clients. And the first thing to realize, is that it’s not a problem but instead should be a goal. With a surplus of clients you’ll have new freedom. Freedom to raise prices if you want, to work less if that’s what you want.

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