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Should You Ask for the Sale… Small Business Marketing Tips

Author: Charlie Cook   |   May 13th, 2008

You can use this small business marketing tip to close more sales.

You’ve got a live qualified prospect on the phone and you don’t want to lose this one. What do you do when they hesitate to make a commitment and want to think about it?

You know that if the prospect disconnects without placing an order, the chances are slim that they’ll call back and you’ll get the sale. What do you do?

Last week I got a call from another Internet marketer, who I’ll call Rex Relentless. Rex offered me a commission to promote his services. He wanted me to promote his business in my newsletter, on my Blog and, to top it off, add a flashing banner to my site.

I get dozens of requests like this each week and I wasn’t interested. When I balked, Rex shifted into sales overdrive. He wouldn’t stop talking about how great his product is. He kept pointing me to more and more pages of supporting data and testimonials.

Did he think I would agree to promote him just to shut him up and make him go away? I couldn’t get a word in edgewise and finally had to interrupt him to end the call.

Rex was like a dog with a bone. He just wouldn’t let go, and in the process he chewed up the bone and destroyed it. If you’re a dog that’s basic instinct but if you want to build a sales person who wants to build a positive relationship with a prospect and close the sale it’s a bad idea.

When I was done with the call I never wanted to hear from Rex again, much less work with him. If you’ve ever run into a similar salesperson you know how obnoxious they can be. And I’m sure you don’t want to emulate them with your small business marketing.

What’s the alternative? What’s the best way to close more sales?

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Rex couldn’t stop asking for the sale and in doing so, killed the sale! The irony is that he does have a great product that I might have been willing to promote. But he was so focused on getting the sale that he gave no thought to what I would want out of the deal.

Should you ask for the sale?

You may not be as relentless a salesperson as Rex, but in most cases asking for the sale at all is a mistake. It’s the fastest way to kill the sale and lose a potentially lucrative client.

That’s right; if you have to ask for the sale, that’s a clear indication that you haven’t sold your prospect. You need to do a better job of eliminating the obstacles to the sale.

By now you’re asking yourself, “Is Charlie off his rocker? If I can’t ask for the sale, how do I close more sales?”

3 Rules For Making A Sale

1. Never tell the prospect what they want. Ask them to tell you.
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2. Never try to convince a prospect to buy from you. Make them convince you that your product or service is the right one for them.
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3. Eliminate the obstacles to the sale so when you get to the close the client does it for you. You’ll sell more in less time and make more money. Learn how to use this strategy >>

To help you understand who should be doing the selling and why let me ask you a question before you go.

“Whose voice is music to your ears?”

Most of us have to admit we like the sound of our own voices. So put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Get a prospect talking about what they want and why. They’ll do a better job selling themselves than if they listen on and on to your voice. For the most part, prospects would rather hear themselves talk than hear you lecture them on the benefits and features of your products and services.

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One Response to “Should You Ask for the Sale… Small Business Marketing Tips”

  1. zowoco Says:

    Absolutely love your sound sales marketing advice! If you have to ask then you haven’t got!

    Have found your three detailed pointers very good food for thought and will take time to look closer soon! Thanks!

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