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What’s Wrong With Common Sense Small Business Marketing?

Author: Charlie Cook   |   April 1st, 2010

One of the most common misconceptions in business is that small business marketing is just common sense.

If it were true, many more small businesses would be wildly successful. As it is, 85% of new businesses fail in the first 5 years.

Are you making your marketing decisions based on “common sense”?

When I first started my business, I was right out of the mold of ‘men don’t ask directions’. You’ve probably run into this stubborn “I can do it on my own” attitude. I stuck with this approach for small business marketing directionsseveral years, and my business grew steadily, but I wasn’t seeing the results I really wanted and knew I could achieve.

Finally I sought out someone to show me what really worked and was amazed at the difference it made in my sales.

Many owners of small businesses see sales stagnate or never even get off the ground because they’re  stuck on the idea that marketing should be easy to figure out on their own? and its just “common sense”.

To be successful at marketing your business, you need to find the uncommon approach that will set your business apart from your competitors and help you be far more successful than most.

“Of the small businesses that fail, 90% do so because of lack of skills and knowledge on the part of the owner,” Dun & Bradstreet

Do you need an expert to help you market your business?

If the success of your small business relied on you flying your own plane, and you’d never done that before, would you climb in the pilot’s seat and trust in common sense to help you take off, navigate and land? Obviously not; you’d sign up with an expert flight instructor right away.

Ready to get expert advice on the uncommon small business marketing ideas and strategies that can help you create outstanding results with your business? Get the details >>

How about your small business marketing? Do you know as much about marketing as you need to make your business take off?

Take The Uncommon Sense Marketing Test

1. Do you know the difference between business marketing and selling? Most people mistakenly think they’re the same. In fact, effective small business marketing can make selling unnecessary.

2. Do you know the one thing you need to do to attract more clients? Small business owners typically think that it’s increasing the awareness of their company name. Actually, your company name is only important to existing clients. Prospects don’t care what you call your company; they want to know which of their problems you can solve and the benefits you can provide them.

3. Common sense would dictate that giving ideas and products away would be detrimental to your business and your revenue. Right? In fact, the opposite can be true. A well targeted  ‘give away’ can boost sales tremendously.

4. Do you know where the real profit potential is in your business? Too many small business owners make the blunder of thinking it’s the product they sell to new customers. Your real source of profit is all the additional products and services you could be selling to your customers.

Do you still think marketing your business is simply common sense and that you can just keep doing what you are doing achieve your business potential? Or would you agree that marketing your business requires something more?

To keep my business growing, I’ve sought out top people in Internet marketing, copywriting, design, and search engine optimization and paid them to teach me everything I need to know. To be successful with your business you need to do the same. Discover the ‘uncommon sense’ that most people never learn about marketing.

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