Test Your Marketing Materials In 20 Seconds

by Charlie Cook

What Response Will You Get With Your Small Business Marketing Materials?

What do prospect’s see when they read your marketing materials, your ads, your sales letters, your web site, etc?
Do your prospects instantly understand why they should work with you and buy from you?
What do you need to do to fix your marketing materials, your brochures and your web site?

Take the Test To Find Out

You’re counting on your marketing materials, your brochures, your letters, and your ads and your web site to bring in business. Are your marketing materials up to the job?

Here’s a quick test you can perform on your own to evaluate your firm’s marketing materials.

1. Bring the home page of your web site up on screen and roll your chair back about 7 feet until only the larger items are legible.

What catches your eye?

What do you read, first, second and third?

Do the same with your print ads; pin them up on a wall and step back ten to fifteen feet.

Where does your eye go first?

What messages come across first, second and third?

2. Ask yourself:

Does the first line give your prospects a reason to read the second line?

When they read the second line does it make them want to keep reading?

Does the marketing copy give your prospects the uncontrollable urge to call you or whip out their credit card and buy from you?

What do you think? Could your marketing materials do a better job of grabbing your prospect’s attention and prompting them to contact you or buy from you so you can grow your business?

This concludes this test. The question is what are you going to do now?

You could go on using marketing materials that don’t get your prospects’ attention or generate leads, or you could fix them and start attracting all the business you been missing.

Why bother testing your marketing materials?

You could be bringing in twice as many new clients or in the case of some of the businesses I’ve worked with, add anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to your revenue within just a few months, just by changing your marketing copy and the layout of your ads and website.

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