Small Business Marketing and Advertising on the Radio – The Best Radio Commercials We Found

Marketing and Advertising Your Business On The Radio

Should You Advertise On Radio?

Why would you consider using radio advertising to promote your business? Because radio commercials work! Radio not only reaches drivers but a lot of people listen to radio at work.

Over 12,000 stations in the U.S. reach 95% of consumers; 8% of all advertising dollars are spent on radio. And unlike high-priced TV ads, radio marketin and advertising is affordable and cost effective for most small business owners. Use these 8 advertising tips to get the most out of your ads.

Listen to The Best Radio Commercials Below.

Products & Services Radio Ads

"Andy Jones"
2004 Nickel Festival   Target Marketing and Communications Inc

Strategic use of static makes the radio ad seem old and keeps you listening to Andy Jones.

"Beef , It’s What’s For Dinner"
Cattlemen's Beef Board Agency Unknown
Repetition is used in this radio commercial to make the point.

Playboy Magazine Flying Brick Radio
Find out what "guys" really should be doing with their day in this commercial - at least- according to Playboy.

Dunwoody Institute Colle + McVoy
Repetitive use of bleeped out words gets the point across clearly in this radio commercial.

"Daddy, Where Did I Come From?" RadioActive Ads
Clever and funny, this radio advertisement keeps your attention.

"Dead FM"
Glaxo Smith Kline-Lucozade Ogilvy
Phone in radio program style ad for a product that will energize any zombie.

"For All The Bad You’ve Done – All You Can Eat Buffet"
Sobe Life Water Agency Unknown
Silly radio ad - but effective.

National Camera Exchange Scott Jorgensen

We’ve all felt like the lady in this radio commercial - with a twist

FedEx Champion Car Racing Martin/Williams

Funny radio ad that incorporates racing in a unique way.

"Moon Landing"
Papa John's Pizza Radiofilms, Inc.
Witty commercial that makes use of history to promote pizza!

"New Baby "
Mercedes-Benz Radiofilms, Inc.
Funny radio ad that delivers a clear message on when to choose a Mercedes.

"Really Loud Cell Phone Talker Guy"
Bud Light The Fun Times Guide
Dumb Bud Light commercial- but keeps you listening.

"So Many Weddings"
Delilahs David Witz
This ad gets you listening and wondering and then surprises you.

"The Wire"
Jaguar Radiofilms, Inc.
Cute radio commercial that catches and keeps your attention.

"Vintage Miller Beer"
Miller Beer Agency Unknown
This is a classic commercial and sound so dated it almost works again.

Volkswagen Bora Owens DDB
Fast paced talking makes you concentrate on the commercial and lets the message sink in.

"What Would You Do?"
The Oregonian RadioActive Ads
Fun and effective use of radio advertising.


Public Service Radio Ads

"EZee Smoke System"
Courtesy Agency Unknown
Find out how to make your own cigarettes and get all the benefits in this double entendre public service advertisement.

"Fastest Growing Crime"
Courtesy Agency Unknown
Find out how to protect your computer from identity theft in the is information packed ad.

"Fire Starter"
Partnership for a Drug-Free America Office of National Drug Control Policy
Babysitters and responsibility and drugs - not the ideal mix - as portrayed in this public service advertisement.

Minnesota Corn Growers Kruskopf Olson

Cute ad where a bored gas station attendant uses intercom to pass information on to those at the pump.

"I Smoke While I'm Coloring."
Michigan Department
of Community Health
Brogan & Partners and Radish Creative Group
The hazards of second hand smoke are emphasized when told by children.

"Kid Therapy"
California Earthquake Authority Radiofilms, Inc.
From the mouths of babes - parents learn about earthquake safety and being prepared from their child.

"Life Easier"
Nova Scotia Office of Health Extreme Group

Funny twist on the same old same old quit smoking ad.

Nova Scotia Office of Health Extreme Group

Humor is again used to twist this stop smoking ad.

"Target Market"
Minnesota Dept. of Health   Clarity Coverdale Fury

Innovative ad that shows the true face of the tobacco companies.

Only In Agency Unknown
This ad is ambiguous. Take a listen and see whether you think it's a public service ad or not.


Political Viewpoint/Commentary Radio Ads

"Buzz Flash"
  Courtesy of: Buzz Flash
Whether you agree with the war or posing questions works to get listeners attention.


8 Radio Advertising Tips and Marketing Ideas

1. Be brief. Keep your ad to 30 seconds.
2. Be original. Most radio ads are so boring that its easy to tune them out.
3. Find out which stations your target market listens to, and buy ad time there.
4. Advertise with two or more radio stations to cover your target market.
5. Use one station one week and another the next and track your results.
6. Buy 12 to 18 ads per week.
7. Advertise every other month so people don't forget your business.
8. Focus your ad buys during the morning and evening commute times to target the most listeners.

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