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Favorite Slogans

Author: Charlie Cook   |   June 29th, 2011

Last Friday, I was waiting while my wife picked up our takeout dinner and I noticed a marketing slogan in the window of the local bakery.

It read… “Life is short. Eat dessert first.”


Fortunately for my waistline, they were closed for the day.

How about you?

Seen any great taglines lately? Add them in the comments below or email a picture of them to and we’ll add the best here.


P.S. The next day, while riding in the back country of Greenwich I saw the following on caterer’s truck. “Making your home the best place to eat.” Again why is it I’m noticing all the marketing slogans that have to do with food?

One Response to “Favorite Slogans”

  1. Renee Disick Says:

    Hi Charlie–

    Above site is result of Tanya’s & my work. Tanya has fulfilled my website dreams beyond anything I could imagine. Thank you so much for the referral.

    Site should go live July 1. Has pix I took of South Village way back when. Hope you like. It should be announced on LinkedIn, etc.

    Favorite taglines (I’ve been collecting them too.): (B.C., Canada–vacation home developers) Life’s short. Live better. (David knows principal–he’d allow quote.) (Destination Club) Where get-aways become get-togethers. (Ritz-Carleton Destination Club also has a few good ones–both cos. probably have taglines copyrighted.

    Haven’t forgotten video testimonial I promised you. Now have my new hi-def camera working. Can’t upload testimonial to your copy writing course onto TFC channel on YouTube. Any suggestions? If impossible, I’ll just write something out. Would have to learn to take photos–barely know how to do videos.

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