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The Secret to Standing out from the Competition and Stealing their Customers

Author: Jennifer Benson   |   December 12th, 2011

No one knows you from a hole in the wall. Sure, you can always use some connections, but growing your business is still a long slippery slope.

Not too long ago I was in the same boat. I just had a bunch of information that wasn’t particularly helpful to anyone. Then one day it hit me. And I realized that I knew something pretty valuable…I knew how to Brand an image of myself and I knew how to use that Brand to create a business platform.

Branding does not have to be complicated but when you are just getting started it can really seem that way. What I had discovered is the word of mouth really does go a long way and as long as you remained true to who you were and you believed in giving back you would create a positive image for yourself and for your company.

I started off as just me, just Jennifer S Benson. Nothing fancy really. I was just like the other average stay at home mom’s just trying to make enough money to get some of the essentials that we needed at home. I had started off writing articles to help me build an affiliate business I was working on but there was so much controversy surrounding the business I was promoting that I decided to stop working the business.

The thing is though writing articles is like planting a seed and what I had done without realizing it was just that. I had started to create a personal brand for myself.

One day I was socializing on my social networks and someone contacted me about one of my articles. They enjoyed it so much they wondered if I would write an article for them and what my asking rate was.

This ignited a spark that took me from being just another stay at home mom trying to create something for herself to a small business owner with a staff of 20 and a growing company with growing profits each month.

How did I become the queen of branding? I did it one day at a time and I did it by not trying to make a sale and by not trying to be the guru. I was just the girl who made a lot of friends on social networks and who shared her work every once in a while.

More and more people would ask to follow me and ask to be my friend and invite me to be a part of their networks. I was not paying Google for ads or paying websites to send me customers, my customers were coming and they were finding me.

Branding does not have to be a challenge, in fact, when you treat it as an opportunity to meet new people rather than as a way to gain new customers you will be surprised at how many new customers you actually end up receiving because let’s face it, at the end of the day we are all just people helping people.

This is the beauty of personal branding and it is effective.

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