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Sell Locally? Here’s An Easy Way To Attract More Clients

Author: Kim Sheehan   |   December 7th, 2009

Do you want to start a word of mouth campaign but need a good way to jump in?

One way is to give people information that they’ll be interested in…and once they are interested in it, they’ll also be interested in  sharing with other people they know.  Often this information is about your business, of course. But the information can also be not directly related to your business but to local business in general.

Many people know in the back of their minds that patronizing local business is good, but do they realize all the benefits local businesses bring to a community? Think about sharing this information with them and give them some food for thought…and I bet they’ll tell their friends.

Great reasons to shop local businesses:

  • Local businesses spend more money in the local community, since local businesses are more likely to buy from local suppliers. Shopping at a local store helps grow other businesses and the tax base of the local community.
  • Local businesses fuel innovation: entrepreneurs are often involved in developing new ways to do business more efficiently. From packaging to advertising to customer service, small businesses are more nimble and can be much more creative in solving customer problems.
  • Local business owners give more money to local charities than non-local owners.
  • Nationally, small business owners are one of the largest employers of Americans.
  • Local businesses utilize public services more efficiently than chain stores, making them better citizens of your community.
  • Customers have more choices when living in a community with lots of local businesses: customers don’t have to settle for what is offered everywhere in the country, but local tastes can be addressed.
  • Local business owners are invested in your community’s future.
  • Many local businesses are within walking distances to offices and residential neighborhoods, creating more sustainable communities.
  • Local businesses create a unique character for the community. This local character attracts people who want to stay and live in the community because of its specialness.
  • For every $1 spent at a local business, about  73 cents stays in the community. For every $1 spent at a chain store, about 43 stays in the community.
  • Local business owners are your friends and neighbors: support them, and they’ll support what you do.

How  do you get the word out? Share this information in your newsletter or on your website. If you’re on twitter, send out a few tweets! Post this information in your store window or on a bulletin board in your store, or print up a flyer that your customers can take with you. You can even share the flyers with other local businesses…maybe you can all get together to promote shopping local!

Thanks to Local First and Stay Local for sharing great information about local businesses!


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