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How Publicity Can Put You On the Map

Author: Rick Frishman   |   March 8th, 2010

Publicity will put you on the map because it:

– Builds your identity.
– Increases your visibility.
– Generates name recognition.
– Gets your message across.
– Compels people to buy, invest, and do business with you.

Publicity is the art of putting yourself in the spotlight. As you know, spotlights are narrowly focused—they don’t shine on everyone. To capture the spotlight, place yourself in position. Spotlights only publicity tipsilluminate those who work their way onto center stage.

Positioning is an intricate process that takes time, trial and error, endless patience and persistence. It’s more than a one or two-shot effort that produces wonders overnight, it’s a coordinated series of actions that requires explicit planning, devotion to detail, and endless follow up . . . that’s why they call them publicity campaigns.

Guerrilla Tactics
In publicity, rule number one is honk, but do it melodically, musically so you don’t scare people away.

If you don’t let the world know how great you are, no one else will. And if you don’t assert yourself, those who are more aggressive than you will cut in front of you, block your path, and you’ll end up stuck in the same old place . . . you’ll never get ahead.

So toot, toot, toot to everyone you speak with, write, or meet. Become a one-person advertising agency. Tell them all who you are, exactly what you have to offer, and precisely how it can benefit them.


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