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5 Simple Steps To A Great Home Page

Author: Christine Milot   |   August 13th, 2010

Your web site home page is often the first contact that a new client will have with your business. It needs to be inviting and engage the visitor into a relationship with your company that is positive and keeps them coming back.

Envision your home page similar to a magazine cover and table of contents. The cover engages the viewer with a powerful image that draws attention to the magazines content. The list of articles on the cover engages the interest of the various readers. The table of contents is an organized user-friendly map that drives the reader to specific pages of the magazine.

Your small business web site design needs to use the principles of good design, be informative, and well organized. Does your site have these principles?

1. Engage your visitors with strong visual images that support your message. small business web design
Each image on your home page needs to be used wisely. It should enhance the experience of the visitor and help communicate a clear message.

2. Use lists and bulleted copy to engage the interest of various users.
Respect your visitor’s time and create copy that is easy to read, legible and short to the point. Internet users want variety and information that they can use. Get to the point quickly, and offer them a way to engage with you or someone at your company to answer questions or to build a more in depth relationship.

3. Organize the categories, content and functions to be user-friendly.
The ability to find information quickly is important to Internet users. If you do not provide an easy to use navigation system your visitors will become disengaged and go elsewhere. Grouping similar functions, following Web Accessibility Standards, and using clear concise language are all important factors.

4. Structure your page into sections similar to columns in a magazine.
Using columns and clearly defined page headers makes your page easier to scan compared to long lines of text. Headers and call outs drives the readers eye across the page making it easier to distinguish where an article begins and ends.

5. Most importantly do not forget to offer a way for your visitors to contact you.
You should have a company email, address and phone number prominently displayed on your home page. If your company is engaged with social media you should offer a way for them to connect online.

Remember, your home page is often the first image that a new client has of your company. Make it memorable!


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