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8 Must Have Facebook Apps To Get More Attention

Author: Susan Rice Lincoln   |   March 14th, 2011

In order to reap the maximum benefits of social media marketing, specifically Facebook, you need to be absolutely certain that your Page stands out.

It should be exciting, engaging, interactive, and filled with different ways for your fans to learn more about you and your services. The best way to do this is by using…applications into your page. They’ll ensure your page looks dynamic and professional, and will keep fans your fans engaged.

Don’t forget- a fan is another name for a lead (and ultimately a paying customer).

Static FBML is one of the most powerful applications Facebook provides. It will let you customize your tabs, add content to your page, ensure your Page is coherent with your brand look, help you create a landing page, add a shopping area, give special offers, award coupons, post jobs and sign up subscribers.

–  Twitter For Pages is one way to share your Twitterstream with your fans at your Facebook Page. This application creates a unique tab for your Twitter stream.

Fan Appz includes an array of items including promotions, sweepstakes, polls and coupons. It even has a gift store with which you can sell brand merchandise. While you can find all of these sub-applications elsewhere, Fan Appz gives you the convenience of finding them in one place.

– The Welcome Tab For Pages lets you greet people to your fan page in a customized fashion. Boasting an incredibly easy installation, this application allows you to tell fans about yourself, your business, your products or upcoming events. Its best feature is its analytics and metrics which allow you to see who comes to your Welcome tab and whether or not they like it.

Page Maps allows you to add a personalized map to your Page. You can show the location of your company or share the favorite places in your hometown. You can show a mini-map which links up to directions or a larger map.

Eventbrite is another great application well-suited for special events. Eventbrite will help you publish an event page directly on Facebook with all the details and a link to buy tickets. Once it is set up, your event will then be promoted through your newsfeed.

My Top Fans helps you understand who are your top fans on your Facebook Page. The application calculates who shares with you the most. You can keep this information to yourself or you can profile your top fans as a “Fan of the Month”.

The Welcome Tab For Pages Slide share presentations are a great way to show off your knowledge. This application is integrated with the Linkedin’s Slideshare application. When you upload a presentation to Linkedin, it will show the same presentation on Facebook (and vice versa).

Try using  a few of these apps for just one week and see what happens to your engagement. By connecting with your facebook fans and engaging them you’ll be sure to see a few boots in involvement. And in regards to social media, that’s the best possible result you can have.

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