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8 More Facebook Apps Every Small Business Needs

Author: Susan Rice Lincoln   |   March 21st, 2011

If you’ve ever been to a Facebook page by a company you respect, only to be let down by a bland page with nothing but words and information, you know the danger of having a Facebook page with no interactive elements. The goal of social media marketing and Facebook in general, is to get comments, likes and get your information passed on.

These 8 Facebook apps will…

ensure your business’ social media marketing efforts are put to good use to engage your customers and create the best possible experience for them on your Facebook page.

LinkedIn is another must-have application as it hooks your company Page up easily with Linkedin, the world’s biggest business social network.   Installation is very easy. You get to feature  a Linkedin button either in a tab or in a box on your sidebar.

Web profiles will let you show off all your other social media profiles.  This is a great way to show your fans where you are on the Social Web and how they can join in on the conversation.

My Countdown lets you countdown, building momentum around product launches or events.  This application can be customized to match your product or brand’s look.

DivShare is an application devoted to helping you share content with your fans.  This tool allows you to attach images, videos, MP3s , documents or any type of fåile you can imagine.  You can then post the shared file to your Page, add it to your news feed or share it among a specific group of individuals.

NutshellMail is an exciting tool that can help you create an automated email newsletter to which fans can subscribe.  Your fans can decide when (and what) they receive given their preferences.  This is also a strong conversation starter.

Reviews is a simple application; you can ask your fans to review your blog, your products or services.  Reviews are a powerful way to build business credibility.  Some may feel nervous about this application;   there is no guarantee that your review will be positive.

Poll is a great way to insert a customized poll into your Facebook Fan Page.  Polls are a powerful way to get people involved with your brand. Everyone loves to have an opinion.  The sharing of poll results is always very much appreciated and a great discussion topic.

YouTube Video Box makes video sharing really easy on Facebook fan page.  This application is an impressive way to share your own home-made videos or favorite videos you have found on the Social Web.

After putting some of these apps to use, you’ll notice your audience is enjoying spending time on your page. And the longer you can keep them on your page – the better. The goal of social media marketing is to encourage involvement and these apps will do just that.

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