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Do You Watch TV? Then You Know…

Author: Charlie Cook   |   April 23rd, 2010

Do you have a TV?

Then you know the power of video. Put images together with words and it grabs your attention. And if you want to help your prospects get to know you, trust you and want to do business with you, there is nothing better besides a personal call or meeting than a video introduction. But…

I don’t know about you, but I’m terrified of making videos to market my business. Normally I think of myself as relatively intelligent and verbally proficient but I’m afraid that when I turn on the camera I’ll turn into a blubbering idiot or that people will think I’m ugly or the lighting will be wrong and a host of other irrational marketing

At the same time, a big part of my brain (the rational part) is telling me, along with my marketing colleagues, that video can double lead generation rates and sales conversion rates. Which is why…

Today, I’ve tracked down and persuaded Perry Lawerance to talk with me about how to help you (and me) get over our fears about using video to generate more leads and sales.

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Perry Lawrence is one of the top authorities on video marketing. He’s the “Go To” video expert for the top names in Internet marketing such as Yanik Silver, Carrie Wilkerson, Barry Dunlop, Ryan Lee, Dean Hunt, and many others.

More important than all his top-drawer credentials are what he shares in today’s call. While Perry has made videos for the big ad agencies with tens of thousands of dollars of equipment, he reveals how you (and I) can get going using video marketing for a total equipment investment of less than $200.

Perry details the essential steps to making good marketing videos, steps that anyone can use (including yours truly).

Make sure at all costs to listen in as Perry reveals:

•    Why you can’t ignore video marketing

•    The most important advantages you’ll gain with video marketing (Instantly boost profits by 10% overnight!)

•    What you need to start video marketing today for free or almost free

•    Which types of businesses that benefit most from video marketing

•    Video marketing 101 made simple so anyone can do it

•    How to maximize the number of people in your target market who watch and respond to your videos

•    Why Google loves videos and how you can use videos to generate tons of new traffic

•    What gear you need to create quality videos on a low budget

Listen in today by registering >>

•    Why you don’t need a slick presentation to benefit from video marketing

•    How to make your videos stand out and produce results (How to peel away customers from your competitors!)

•    The key steps to making successful videos

•    3 video marketing models you can use this week

•    How much editing you should do to get your video online fast

•    How to use your videos to act as a force multiplier on other social media sites

•    Which topics you should cover when you create videos

•    How to make your video go viral on the Internet

•    The most common video marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

How would you like to listen in as Perry Reveals The Secrets to The Fast and Easy Way to Create Powerful Marketing Videos today??? You can. And it won’t cost one red penny.

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