How Much More Could You Be Making With The Right Marketing Message

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Bob called from Phoenix, Arizona with some stunning news about his web site. He first contacted me in the fall of 2003. He had a web site that was helping him generate a healthy income but he sensed he could be doing even better. He wanted to get more visitors to his web site and get more of them to contact him about his retail liquidation services.

Are you interested in getting more prospects to your web site and prompting more of them to contact you?

Over the two months I worked with Bob to help him clearly define his target market, identify the problem he solves, and clarify his marketing message. We improved the copy on his web site and the structure of his web pages to prompt more people to contact him. I showed him how to write articles and use them to generate a steady stream of visitors to his site.

Bob was happy with the results of these changes, but I wasn’t. He was getting more visitors to his site and more inquiries, but I thought there was potential for even more growth. I knew that Bob could be doing better if he would just change his strategic marketing message. Despite my best efforts to persuade, cajole and prompt him to rethink how he talked about what he did, Bob was happy with his existing marketing message.

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Prior to working with me, Bob had spent ten years regularly experimenting with his marketing message and had found a sentence that generated the best response he’d ever had. It was working; he was keeping busy, making money and didn’t want to mess with success.

We finished our work together almost a year ago, so I was surprised when Bob called last week. It turns out that he hadn’t stopped experimenting. He had taken my advice to heart after all and been fine-tuning his marketing message so that it described the problem he solves for his clients clearly and concisely. With this new marketing message at the top of his web page, Bob is getting 3 times the number of inquires about his services.

How much more could you be making if you had 3 times as many people contact you about your products and services?

When your prospects are considering a purchase, they are looking to solve a problem. They might want to eliminate back pain, fund their child’s college tuition, sell off their excess inventory quickly so they have more operating cash on hand, as in Bob’s case. In every case your prospect has a problem or need that prompted their purchase.

Your prospects are hoping you can help them. They’re hoping you have the solution to making them happier, smarter and richer. They are buying the result you provide.

When a prospect meets you or visits your web site, the first item they should see is a statement of the problem you solve. Your prospects then immediately know whether you can help them.

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Create marketing messages or an elevator speech that will increase the response to your business marketing so you can sell more of your products and services.

Why is your sales or marketing message – your elevator speech – and the way you talk about what you do so important?

At ten to twelve words long, your marketing message won’t cover all the problems you solve, establish your credibility or the value you provide. But if the first thing you say to a prospect doesn’t get their attention, they won’t stay at your web site, read the rest of your marketing materials or listen to the rest of what you have to say.

Bob spent over a decade experimenting to find a strategic marketing message that helped him generate a steady income and then in a few months discovered he could improve on it by three hundred percent. Don’t wait ten years to do the same with your marketing. Write, test and use a problem solving marketing message and more people will contact you about your products and services.

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