Are You Losing 50% Or More of Potential Sales?

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How can I attract more clients? Over the last few years I’ve thrown away over twenty thousand dollars on failed marketing approaches.

I’ve tried everything from display ads to putting on seminars, none of which translated into sales. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to attract enough new clients. What do you suggest?”
John from Boulder, CO

When I asked John to tell me about his business, it quickly became clear that after over a decade in financial services, he knew what he was talking about. He knew which products clients needed, how to help them create financial independence and how to save them m0ney. He had a wealth of sensible ideas to share about financial planning.

I asked John if any of these ideas were in his marketing and he admitted they weren’t. Despite being an expert in his field and a top-notch service provider, John was missing hundreds if not thousands of potential clients because prospects weren’t aware of his level of expertise and how he could help them.

If your prospects don’t know how you can help them or view you as an expert you’re not going to get their business! If your marketing doesn’t help them instantly understand why they need you and then go on to educate them about ways you can help them, you’re wasting thousands of dollars on your business marketing and your advertising.

Say you’d scheduled a meeting with a prospect for a lucrative project. You wouldn’t show up in a worn out suit or deliver a presentation that put your prospects to sleep. You’d want to look sharp and impress your prospects in order to prompt them to sign a contract on the spot.

Now take a look at your small business marketing. Is it like an outdated suit? Does it put your prospect’s to sleep? Ready to change your small business marketing and start attracting more clients?

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Like John you could be attracting all the clients you can handle with a marketing strategies based on what works. Here are a few tips to boost your sales.

1. Give examples of the solutions you provide so that prospects can see how helpful you can be and how much you know. Don’t just tell people you’ve been in business for 100 years; demonstrate your ability to solve their problems and answer their questions. Don’t let your expertise be hidden behind boring marketing copy.

2. Earn the trust of your prospects. What’s the quickest way to do this? Leverage the trust you’ve garnered over the years from past clients and collect testimonials from them. Once you have these gems in hand place them up front or near the top of your marketing materials.

3. Motivate your prospects to contact you. If your prospect doesn’t take immediate action when they see your ad, your web site or your sales letter, chances are they’re never going to. Give them a reason to contact you; motivate them to act right away.

4. Help your prospects get to know you, understand more about how you can help them and have a u.rgent reason to spend their hard earned dollars. Don’t expect prospects to take the imitative to seek this information out on their own.

Expect to need 5 to 7 contacts to demonstrate how helpful you can be and to educate prospects about how much better off they’d be with your products and services.

Don’t let your expertise be obscured by outdated marketing. Put your best foot forward by using a marketing system that generates more leads and clients each month.

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