Marketing Coaching To Help You Apply The Small Business Marketing Strategies and Ideas That Pull In Sales and Profits

Requests for my services went up by 300%! Charlie helped me with my web site marketing. I’m delighted with all the business my site is generating.”
Bob Nelson,

I achieved a 50% conversion rate on my sales calls. Charlie’s coaching with using the telephone, …his marketing ideas and practical knowledge have been incredibly helpful.”
Suzanne Falter-Barns, Get Known Now

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Do you want to …

  • Discover how to attract a steady stream of clients?
  • Find out the key to getting your prospects attention?
  • Know how to convert more prospects to clients?
  • Have an expert at your side helping you improve your marketing and be more successful?
  • Use a simple, coherent strategy to build your business year after year?

Charlie was a great help in showing me how to get people’s attention and get my business going again. His coaching was a shot in the arm. Definitely recommended.”
Katharine Lancy, Swanson British Travel

Simply put, he’s the best. Charlie helped me improve my marketing, launch my business and get more clients. I couldn’t have done it without his invaluable help. The marketing coaching paid for itself.”
Amy Schoen, Life Coach

The single most important positive influence to my business. His insights lead to the focus and direction essential for starting my business. His strategies result in the money essential for staying in business. How lucky I am to have found Charlie.”
Jacquie Kangas, ANNOSA, Well Being Through Personal Image

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Hi, I’m Charlie Cook, if you’re a small business owner or marketing professional and want to improve your small business marketing and your profits, I can help you. Imagine that you had someone who could show you how to attract more clients and grow your business and avoid wasting your time and money on promotional activities that don’t work. Think about it. How much more successful could you be?

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You can:

  • Get more attention for your business,
  • Generate more leads with your web site,
  • Convert more online visitors to paying clients,
  • Get more prospects calling you,
  • Generate more leads and sales with your advertising,
  • Have a steady stream of referrals,
  • Close more sales,
  • Increase your sales and profits with less wasted effort.

One-to-one small business marketing coaching will help you grow your business exponentially. Coaching is customized to your individual needs and aimed at helping you move from where you are to where you want to go. You’ll get to pick my brain and master the principles, strategies and tactics you need to grow your small business. You’ll discover how to focus your marketing and how to organize your marketing materials to generate a steady stream of new clients.

If you’d like to take the next step, call me, email me or fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we can have an exploratory phone conversation.

You can reach me at 1-800-795-1858. If your marketing isn’t resulting in a steady stream of new prospects and clients, it may be because you are using the same strategies that aren’t working for other service professionals. If you aren’t attracting as much new business as you want, chances are you need to change how you promote your business.

You Can Attract Many More Clients

Marketing coaching and mentoring is for people who aren’t content with their current rate of growth and want to increase their business. In most cases, they may already have the knowledge but aren’t applying it in a way that helps to attract as many new clients as they want.

Can You Benefit From Marketing Coaching?

I work with small business owners, service professionals, and executives responsible for marketing. If you are — an accountant, computer expert, consultant, designer, engineer, entrepreneur, financial advisor, internet business owner, lawyer, marketing consultant or professional, sales consultant, trainer, — you can benefit from marketing coaching to grow your on and offline business.

A high percentage of my clients are business owners, marketing managers, marketing VPs and marketing firms. Most are small businesses looking for more clients, some are looking for help with their B to B marketing, some for help in marketing to Fortune 500 companies, some are even divisions of Fortune 500 companies.

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Is Marketing Coaching For You?

  • Are you interested in becoming a better marketer so you can grow your business?
  • Can you invest a couple hours a week or month to improving your business?
  • Are you willing to push yourself to try new strategies and approaches and put your expertise to work to market your business?
  • Do you understand that creating and implementing an effective marketing strategy takes time?
  • Are you ready to do something to improve your business now?

“I have generated more sales and met more people than I had ever expected for this point in my business due to your advice. Thanks very much!!!”
Alison Johnson

My business has been doing much better since I’ve taken your advice. I have to tell you there has been no one that I’ve gotten advice from that is as smart as you!”
Linda Jean Runstein, LJR Web Designs

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How Coaching Can Help

I can help you apply what you already know about your services and products to develop and implement a business-building strategy. You’ll use your expertise to:

Define Your Market

  • Refine your target market to get more clients and customers.
  • Clarify what you are selling and why your clients want it.
  • Create an attention-getting marketing message.
  • Define the services and products your prospects want.

The time spent working with Charlie was invaluable. Working with Charlie over the last several months has been a tremendous assistance to me in determining the direction to take my marketing.

Even as a marketing consultant with almost 20 years of experience, it was impossible for me to see my own business from the outside the way that potential customers see it. The coaching sessions had a nice blend of strategy and practical tactics.”
Julie Chance, Marketing Coach

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Develop Marketing Materials

  • Create content you can use on your website or in your brochures that describes the essence of what you do.
  • Develop the additional supporting content you need to promote your business.
  • Make use of your expertise to pull prospects to you through articles and public speaking.

Implement Your Marketing Strategy

  • Create a marketing plan for your products and services
  • Use your content as the basis for a web site and marketing materials that attract prospects and convert them to clients.
  • Put your web site to work qualifying and collecting leads.
  • Develop additional sources of income.
  • Keep existing clients coming back.
  • Build a steady stream of referrals.

“The result is I’m a better marketer and I’ve made great progress with my business venture. Charlie, helped me focus on my clients’ concerns in addition and organize and structure my web site.”
Richard Waldman, Author & Coach

Find out to increase your sales and profits with Charlie

My Work is Based on a Set of Key Principles

The approach I’ll show you how to apply is based on helping you help your prospects get what they want and in turn help you get their business. You can get a quick overview of the principles I’ll help you apply in Winning Marketing Strategies, or, better yet, get The Insider Secrets to Attracting More & Better Customers manual. My clients have found that reading The Insider Secrets to Attracting More & Better Customers manual is a good way to discover the fundamentals and gain the most from mentoring.

“I now have a good influx of new work. Charlie’s ideas helped me improve my marketing.”
John J. Catalfamo, Albany Graphics

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Working Together

You’ll work with me on the phone in 60 minute sessions. The number of conversations we have will vary depending on your objectives. Typically, clients schedule these sessions one to two weeks apart. In addition, I review materials you send me in order to prepare for our working sessions on the phone. As you make progress, I’ll send you ideas, resources and models you can use.With small businesses, I usually work with business owners or executives one-on-one. With larger firms, we’ll schedule a series of tele-conference calls with the 4-6 members of the marketing team.

Discover how much better your business could be doing by working with Charlie Together we can accomplish a great deal. Many clients find that the first seven sessions are all they need to jump-start their business. Others decide that they want ongoing help keeping their marketing on track and their business growing and we meet monthly on the phone.

Working together, we will be able to:

• Define your marketing message or elevator speech.
• Develop the content you need for for your marketing materials.
• Define your off- and online marketing strategy.
• Work on key marketing articles and/ or presentations.
• Develop your business building newsletter.

Each person and business is different; what we accomplish will vary depending on your specific interests and objectives.

You have given me more than food for thought, you have served up a full banquet! Charlie, how can I thank you enough?”
Peter Keelty, Entrepreneur

Interested in an exploratory conversation?

If you want more information about working together to increase your sales and profits, I’d be happy to talk with you. The best way to contact me about my small business marketing consulting and coaching is to complete the following form and schedule a time to have a conversation. I’d like to hear about your situation, objectives and current marketing plans. I’ll get back to you by email with additional details on the coaching process, its benefits and to confirm a time to have an exploratory conversation.

You Can Improve Your Marketing Response, Attract More Clients and Increase Your Sales

Grow your business with marketing coach Charlie Cook.Are you responsible for marketing your business? Want to discover how to attract more clients, grow your business, increase sales, and be more successful? Do you want ads that work, sales letters that get the phone ringing, a web site that sells, a steady stream of clients and profits? Do you want help with ...

Getting Attention
• Your marketing message
• Response to sales letters
• Return on advertising
• Generating leads

Positioning Your Business
• Establishing credibility
• Clarifying your value
• Using your articles & ezine


• Overcoming objections
• Getting commitments
• Increasing sales
• Getting more referrals
• Increasing lead generation and sales from your web site

Yes, I would like help with my marketing so I can attract more clients and be more successful.

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