What’s The One Basic Thing Most Small Businesses Are Missing?

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Do you ever get distracted at work and neglect your marketing?

As a small business owner or marketing executive, you have a lot on your plate. Sometimes the daily fire-fighting can drive you crazy and get in the way of doing the essential marketing you need to attract new clients. What’s the solution, the one thing that can help you keep clients and profits flowing in?

In business, it’s having a marketing plan and sticking to it, that makes the difference.

Last week, my own plans almost got sidetracked. My wife and I had scheduled a week’s vacation before a nephew’s wedding in Denver. For years, we’ve wanted to hike and explore Utah’s “color country”, Zion and Bryce National Parks and the Grand Staircase Monument. The wedding gave us the perfect excuse to finally make the trip happen.

We were looking forward to the trip when our vacation plan was nearly thrown off by a tsunami of work and family matters. By the end of the week, my wife and I were wondering if taking 10 days off was such a good idea after all.

We tried to shorten the trip by a couple of days to catch up with missed days of work. But try as we might to rearrange our plans, the airlines wouldn’t cooperate. We were looking at higher fares and fees that just didn’t seem worth it. We stuck to the plan.

And we’re glad we did. We flew out of New York last Thursday and have spent the last 4 days hiking, relaxing and enjoying the incredible scenery of southern Utah for the first time.

Whether you’re planning a vacation or trying to grow your business, it pays to have a plan and follow it despite distractions.

Do you need a marketing plan? Do you need help sticking to it?

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Is your marketing working as well as it could be?

Ask yourself the following questions:

– How many leads did you generate last week?

– How many leads did my ad generate relative to the cost and number of people who saw it?

– How many leads did my sales letter generate relative to the number of letters I sent out?

Then ask yourself:

– Given the number of leads generated, how many did I convert into sales?

– What was the dollar volume of sales generated from each lead?

It’s not a matter of time.

If your marketing materials aren’t pulling in clients within a few days, they’re not going to do much better after a few months.

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