Small Business Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Sales

Get answers to your small business marketing questions by clicking on the individual questions below. You’ll find small business marketing strategies you can use to grow your business.

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Are You Selling What People Want to Buy?

I’m not sure that the Pilgrims in Plymouth and the Indians really understood each other, but they both were able to come together around a common language; food. Do you know the language to use to bring you and your prospects together so you can … >

How Do You Position Your Business For Success?

As the plane lifts off, imagine yourself reclining comfortably in your first class seat. You’re headed for San Francisco where you’ll be met by a driver and whisked to a luxury hotel with … >

What’s The Lifetime Value of A Client?

How much revenue you make from each client over their lifetime? Use this …>

What Marketing Strategy Actually Increases Sales?

Not Getting As Many Clients As You Want? There is a good chance it is not the services or products you offer that is the problem. While you may be an expert in most aspects of your business, many service professionals and small business owners don’t … >

What’s the First Thing To Do To Jumpstart Your Sales?

You want to improve your marketing strategy, attract more clients and grow your business, but don’t have the time to make these things … >

What’s the Best Way to Build Trust and Build Your Business?

You wouldn’t buy a car if you didn’t think it could get you home. And you wouldn’t purchase it from a dealer you thought was robbing you blind on the price and might not stand behind it if the engine fell out as you drove it off the lot…Before making a purchase from you, buyers need to … >

Do You Want to Find Out How To Use Meetings to Sell More?

What’s one of your biggest costs and biggest source of potential revenue? Click here to find out … >

How Can You Overcome Objections and Increase Sales?

You’ve been working with a prospect, moving closer and closer to a sale. Just before you clinch the deal, they decide to go with a competitor’s product or service. They may say that your firm is too small, or you charge too much or they decided to work with a friend in the business after all, or all of the above. How do you keep this from happening … >

How Do You Eliminate Objections to Price and Get the Sale?

Like most service professionals and small business owners chances are you struggle with objections to pricing on a daily basis. You lose business because prospects get stuck on price. Your pricing will never satisfy everyone but the … >

How Can You Take The Rejection Out Of Cold Calling?

Is selling painful for you? It’s not your fault, there is a better way. With this sales approach you’ll quickly and automatically be ahead of the game and instantly in a league above your competition… >

What’s the Best Way to Evaluate Your Marketing Strategy

Do you know … >

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