Exceptional Small Business Marketing Strategies For Overachievers

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Only a few people ever take their businesses to the top with their small business marketing. Want to be one of to be one of them?

The people who make it to the top aren’t just lucky: they’re overachievers. Business owners who make a fortune for themselves and can afford to take months off to vacation in exotic places aren’t like everybody else. They think and act differently!

I’m talking about clients of mine like Julie, who built her home health care business from scratch and then turned down an offer to sell it for six million dollars. She knew she still hadn’t grown her business to its potential. She knew that improving her marketing strategy would help build her business’s worth to nine million dollars.

Then there’s Larry, a real estate investment coach who has seen his income jump from $100,000 last year to ten times that this year.

Or Jason, another client who owns an Internet business providing training books and audio cds. His annual sales will pass four million dollars this year and Jason sees huge potential. He wants to increase this by another million next year.

Want to know the small business marketing secrets to becoming an overachiever? Want to think and act like an overachiever so you become one?

Before you read any further, I want to warn you that the ideas and marketing strategies in the rest of this article may not be for you. But if you’re one of those rare people who wants to truly be the best in the business, to stand head and shoulders above your competition, then read on.

What hold’s most small business owners back?

It’s not because they’re not smart enough, don’t work hard enough or lack opportunities. The problem is that their small business marketing isn’t focused on what works and they lack the small business marketing skills and knowledge to take their business to the next level.

What’s The Difference Between Overachievers and Underachievers?

Overachievers Have a Different Mindset
Every business owner makes their fair share of mistakes and overachievers may make even more than most. The difference is overachievers aren’t worried about making mistakes. They use each as an opportunity to improve their business.

For example when you run an ad that doesn’t generate a response, what do you do? Do you blindly run it again and hope it’ll work the second time or do you give up on using ads? Or do you hire an expert to show you how to use your ads to get 2-20 times the response? The latter is what overachievers do.

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Overachievers Focus On Winning Instead of Not Losing
One of the biggest barriers for most businesses is they’re focused on not losing, instead of on winning. There’s a big difference. It’s the difference between looking down and going forward, watching your feet and looking up to see where you are going.

Karl Wallenda, the famous tightrope artist, was once asked if he thought about falling as he balanced on the wire hundreds of feet in the air. His response was that the moment he started to think about falling, it was time to retire.

Overachievers have the same mindset as Karl Wallenda. Instead of worrying about failure, they focus on moving their businesses forward.

Overachievers Develop Their Skills and Confidence
One of my favorite examples of an overachiever is client Donald Monroe, a plumbing contractor in Richmond VA. What comes to mind when you think of plumbers? The stereotype is of a heavyset guy who is hard to get a hold of and even harder to get to your house. When he finally does come to do the work, he and his assistant leave a big mess behind.

You don’t usually think of plumbers as seeking out marketing advice and marketing ideas but Donald had a larger vision of what his plumbing business could become. He decided to re-think plumbing contracting and service and create a new model based on fast, friendly service provided with white glove cleanliness. To make his business the best he is constantly seeking new ideas and strategies for marketing it.

When Donald found my small business marketing materials, he bought them all and them put them to work to see what would happen.

Focusing on winning instead of losing is a lot easier when you know what works. The fastest way to build your confidence is to find out which ideas, which selling skills, which marketing strategy will help you be more successful.

In Donald’s case by putting these proven marketing ideas to use he grew his business by 50% in two months.

If you’re one of those rare people who wants to be an overachiever – discover how to get the mindset, skills, marketing strategies and confidence to take your business to the top. Find out how to focus your goals and marketing strategies to reach outrageous levels of success.

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