3 Ways To Reach Your Income Potential

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Mike recently called from West Texas. He’d ordered two of my manuals and only had them for a few days, so I was surprised to hear from him so soon. Mike is a no-nonsense salesman with over 40 years experience under his belt. He told me that he’d recently signed on with a 56 year old company to help them ramp up their sales.

Mike sees a company with a great range of products that has barely scratched the surface of their profit potential. They’d made a couple of million in 2004 but hardly tapped into the market they could be selling to. What has been holding this company back? No marketing plan or sales strategy.

Mike bought the 15 Second Marketing guide and The Insider Secrets to Attracting More & Better Customers manual and less than a week later called to order Creating Web Sites that Sell. He’d quickly seen the benefits of the small business marketing strategy detailed in the first two manuals and realized that he’d need to learn how to use the company’s web site as part of his marketing efforts to achieve his revenue goals.

And he has set some audacious goals. Based on his analysis, Mike identified a potential for growing the business by a factor of ten.

Is your company like Mike’s?

Does your company have untapped profit potential?

Learn how to tap your revenue potential with the following two marketing tools.

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Take a lesson from Mike.

1. Set Your Revenue Targets
Mike’s first step in his new position was to assess existing revenue, market penetration and revenue potential.

What did your business make in the last 12 months?

What level of market penetration does your business have?

What’s the potential for growing your prospect and client base?

What’s the annual profit potential for your business?

2. Don’t Rest On Your Laurels
Mike’s company is profitable; they could continue comfortably making a couple of million a year with their existing marketing. Or they could make much, much more with a better small business marketing strategy. For Mike existing revenue is a baseline, not the objective.

Is your marketing based on achieving the status quo?

Could you be making twice or ten times as much if you revised your marketing strategy?

If your marketing worked the way you wanted it to, how much could you make in the next 12 months?

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3. Invest In The Future Of Your Business
Like Mike’s 56 year-old company, you may be just scratching the surface of your pr0fit potential. With the proper marketing strategy you could be making much more.

Want to learn how to tap the potential of your business?

Which marketing strategy and resources do you plan to use to help you reach your revenue objectives?

Even if you graduated from college many years ago, evaluating your performance on a regular basis can b e helpful. Each time you do you can use your grades as a guide to revise your business goals and next steps you need to take to achieve them.

Assess your business potential, set audacious targets and then get the marketing resources you need to reach or beat your goals. Who knows, you could be making ten times as much a year from now.

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