Make More With Less Effort Using These 6 Marketing Strategies

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Whether you’re just starting your firm or you’ve been in business for years, you have a good idea of the various small business marketing strategy tasks that you should be doing. You probably have a web site and are doing some advertising, and spend time on the phone talking with prospects. Each week you and your staff work hard trying to promote your firm.

All of these marketing activities can keep you busy, and take time and money. But if you’re not careful, these small business marketing activities will limit your growth or worse yet, put you in the poor house.

When I first talked with Judy in Chicago, her business was about to close. Despite having many satisfied clients, an active advertising campaign and a web site, she wasn’t developing a steady stream of new or repeat clients. Each week her spending on marketing was costing her heavily and her income wasn’t keeping up.

Judy knew that she needed to bring in more clients but her conclusion was that advertising and web sites don’t work, at least not for her business. She was busy with her marketing but it wasn’t working to grow her business.

Is your small business marketing strategy providing you with a steady stream of new clients and customers?

If you’re not attracting as many clients and customers as you’d like, there is a good chance that you’re busy with marketing but not marketing to grow your business. What’s the difference?

One is focused on day-to-day activities and separate marketing tools, such as advertising or a web site. The other is based on a business building strategy that helps you generate more leads and clients each month and each year.

Wouldn’t you rather be marketing to a larger and larger group of prospects each month?

Ron, who owns an electronics parts supply firm, business was growing, but he wasn’t generating new customers with his web site. While profits were rolling in from his telemarketing efforts, he was missing literally millions of additional dollars in revenue he could have been earning through online sales.

What’s your small business marketing costing you in lost revenue? How much more could you be making if you added ten new clients a month, a week or a day to your business?

With “15 Second Marketing” you’ll learn how to write a marketing message that prompts prospects to contact you. Using the step-by-step process you’ll have a marketing message and elevator speech you can use within hours and you’ll learn where and how to use it to build your business.

Creating Web Sites that Sell“, shows you how to use the web to generate more leads and profits. If you’ve already got an under performing web site, you’ll learn how to fix it. With “Creating Web Sites that Sell” you’ll discover the simple steps you can take to grow your business.

Here’s how to earn more with a business building marketing

1. Attract prospects by focusing your marketing on the problems you solve. Instead of talking about yourself, use prospects concerns to get their attention.

2. Use your advertising, web site and other marketing activities to prompt people to contact you and add them to your qualified prospect list.

3. Attract both buyers and potential buyers. For each person who is ready to buy, there are another twenty who are interested and you could convert to client status.

4. Focus on building relationships. If you want prospects to trust you and buy from you, it helps to create a dialogue and to demonstrate your expertise.

5. Regularly stay in touch with prospects, otherwise they’ll forget you and won’t buy your products and services even if they have a need.

6. Use helping instead of selling as your marketing model and you’ll convince many more people they need your products and services.

Want a business building marketing strategy you can use to attract more clients each month?

The Insider Secrets to Attracting More & Better Customers” manual maps out both the strategy you need and how to apply it to increase your revenue. It’s been called the “marketing bible for small business owners”.

After shifting to this business building marketing strategy, Judy is no longer in debt; in fact her company is prospering. She still advertises, has a web site and spends time on marketing tasks but these activities now all reinforce each other and work to help her build more prospect and client relationships each month. Instead of being busy marketing, she is busy growing her business.

Don’t wait until you’re in debt or losing millions in potential revenue because your busy with marketing. Use a business building marketing strategy to generate more leads and you’ll be earning more each month and each year.

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