The 4 Inside Secrets to Small Business Marketing Success

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If you think small business marketing is confusing, try driving in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. My wife and I were there last week, visiting our son who is studying at the University of Edinburgh for a semester. We wanted to see him and explore the city.

The Old Town, where we stayed, is a maze of narrow, medieval streets winding up and down a steep ridge. We found our way on foot by consulting a street map at every twist and turn, but then we got ambitious and rented a car to take a day trip out of the city. That’s when we really needed help.

It took directions from the hotel concierge, a city map, instructions from the car hire agent on how to avoid cobblestone re-paving projects, and a road atlas to extricate ourselves from the tangle of one way streets and roundabouts.

What had appeared to be a straightforward route on the map of less than a mile from our hotel to the road out of town involved more than a dozen turns and took 20 minutes of seemingly driving in circles. The map alone wasn’t enough; we needed up to date knowledge and local experience to get where we wanted to go.

Marketing your business is the same. You can waste your time and money going in circles unless you have clear directions and advice. It’s easy to follow others, take wrong turns and end up at a dead end. Has that ever happened to you?

Do you want to find the quickest way to reach your objectives? Some people persist in plunging ahead without a map, a guidebook or the help of inside knowledge. That works if you don’t mind getting lost, but if you have limited time and a limited budget, there’s a better way.

To help you find the most direct path to attracting more clients, I’ve put together four essential small business marketing resources. These will guide you on your way to increased profits:

1. 15 Second Marketing
What’s the one most important thing to do to generate more sales?

If you want to sell more, the first step is to let people know how you can help them. In the New Town section of Edinburgh, we walked past dozens of handsome Georgian buildings with a simple brass plate next to each door. The plates only had the name of the business; Walker Group; Thomson Partners; Clerk & Maxwell; Kevin McAllister, etc. It was impossible to know what business these companies were in.

If your business has been around for hundreds of years like many of the ones we passed and you’re selling products or services in a town where everybody already knows you, this discreet approach may work.

If you’re competing for prospects who don’t already know you, you need a better way to get your prospects’ attention and their business.

When you tell people your name or that you are a sales agent for a real estate firm, you’re only talking about yourself, not what you do for your clients. Ditto when you tell people you’re selling a new, innovative product. Get your prospects’ attention by talking about your products and services in terms of solutions and benefits.

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2. Highly Effective Small Business Marketing
Getting attention is the first step, but by itself it won’t get you the sale. Too many business owners and marketers make the mistake of thinking that all they need are leads. The key to business success isn’t the number of leads you generate, but what you do with them. It’s the number of prospects that you convert to clients that matters.

Typically, small business owners spend time and money on marketing strategies and generate a few new clients. Then they focus on helping those clients and forget about marketing. Sound familiar?

The secret to growing your business each month is to establish a system that not only keeps leads flowing in, but automatically converts more prospects to clients. That way you can rely on your marketing strategy to build your business each month.

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3. Creating A Web Site That Sells
Do you market online? When we stayed in Edinburgh we wanted somewhere to stay that was centrally located and gave us the freedom to do a bit of our own cooking. Thanks to the Internet, my wife found an apartment residence with a kitchen and laundry machines (a feature that our son took immediate advantage of).

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4. Eliminating Obstacles to Sales
Want to close more sales? After visiting other parts of Scotland last year and hearing our son talk about how interesting Edinburgh was, I didn’t need to be sold on visiting the city.

Wouldn’t you like to have your prospects pre-sell themselves on your products and services? You can by using simple marketing strategies.

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Don’t be confused by marketing and waste time and money. Get the road map, the guide and the inside information you need to navigate your way to success. I’ve included the inside secrets to marketing your business in the 4 guides mentioned above. Use them and you’ll make more money with less effort.

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