4 Steps to Ultimate Success with Your Small Business Marketing

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Beyond more sales and bigger profits, beyond the numbers, what are you really after? Financial security? Of course. Is that all? I doubt it.

The successful small business owners I know are motivated by more than the money, critical as that is. They’re driven by passions of all kinds and looking for satisfaction from all sorts of sources, whether they’re looking for a business challenge, to make a contribution or to afford a particular lifestyle.

One of my clients had an offer to buy her home health care business for millions of dollars. She turned it down and challenged herself to grow her business by another 50% before she sold it.

Another client of mine is cutting back on his lucrative real estate sales so he can build his coaching business. He wants to spend more time working from the comfort of his home office and avoid living his life in LA traffic.

What is it you really want to achieve by being more successful?

Last week I launched the revised 15 Second Marketing in print and audio, consulted with clients and kept my business running at full speed while spending my mornings skiing and my afternoons working from our ski condo in Vermont. And had one of my best week in sales ever.

You see, I love small business marketing but I’m also passionate about skiing. Thanks to laptops, DSL lines and other advances in technology and a wise and supportive wife, I can keep my business growing and still have time for the other things I love to do.

Wouldn’t you like to have a successful business that lets you live the live you want?

You can, if you use this simple formula:

1. Become an Expert in your Field
Whether you’re a sole practitioner or run a company that sell millions of dollars of timber products, your prospects and clients are more likely to buy from you if they see you as the expert(s). Most small business owners already have a high level of knowledge.  Leverage it so that people come to see you as an expert.

In the late ‘90s I became one of the first experts on search engines and built a site that reviewed and ranked search engine performance. Within a year of its launch, I sold it to one of the largest information technology sites. Yes, I used a portion of the proceeds to buy our ski condo.

Paul Figueiredo, one of my clients, is a successful real estate agent in Los Angeles. He’s leveraged his expertise into a new business coaching other realtors.

Want to learn how to use your expertise to grow a successful business? Find out how >>

2. Seek Out Expert Help
A contradiction to #1 above? Not at all. You aren’t an expert at everything, and it’s a waste of your time to try to be. You’ll need expert marketing guidance to grow your business.

If you want to market on the Internet, you’ll need help discovering what works. I’ve detailed the strategy that I’ve used to attract clients and grow my business in Creating Web Sites That Sell. Use this link to claim your copy >>

3. Systematize Your Small Business Marketing
Most small businesses spend time and money marketing when things are slow. When business picks up, they’re busy with day-to-day management and they let their marketing slide. The result is a roller coaster ride of slow and busy times and revenue that dips as fast as it rises.

What you want is a steady stream of new leads and new business coming in every month, whether you’re on vacation or busy with current client projects. You could be taking advantage of available online marketing systems to achieve this and keep business rolling in each month.

For example, I use an email broadcast system and an ecommerce system that lets me automate my business marketing to a high degree. I can access it from anyplace with Internet access. Use this link to get the details on automating your online marketing >>

4. Discover How to Close More Sales
You know that marketing is just the precursor to making a sale. Marketing can find and warm up the prospect, but at some point you need to convert that prospect into a loyal client. What’s the best way to do this?

Business owners and even professional marketers make the same mistake. They assume that the best way to sell a prospect is to talk about their companies and their products.

There is a much better way to close more sales. It’s a system for eliminating the obstacles that block sales and creating a straight path so your prospects become clients. Use this link to discover how to close more sales >>

Want to live the life you dream of?

What are you waiting for? Use the simple strategies I’ve detailed for you in the ‘Insider Secrets’ series and make your dreams a reality.

Gotta go. It’s started snowing and my skis are sitting by the door, waiting for some exercise. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

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