Want A Breakthrough With Your Marketing?

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Have you ever found a new strategy or idea that really boosts your performance – a true breakthrough?

Last January after skiing for over 40 years, I decided it was time for a tune up. Even with occasional lessons and a conscious effort to improve, I just wasn’t getting any better. I was working too hard and falling too often on the challenging terrain that I enjoy skiing with my son and my friends.

Ever find yourself working to hard and not getting the results you want?

I signed up for two days of ski coaching with master skier John Clendenin who has reduced the complexities of skiing to four movements. Despite having skied for decades, over the years I had developed numerous bad habits. The crux of it was I wasn’t using the skis the right way to get where I wanted to go.

Is your small business marketing stuck in a rut or has it become cumbersome, a result of layering on ideas over the years? Want to learn how to use your small business strategic marketing to take your business where you want it to go?

Working with John and his staff, we focused on mastering the four fundamental movements that enable skiers to turn with ease. The results of Clendenin’s coaching were astounding. After just two days my skiing had jumped several levels. The friends I was with, whose skills ranged from intermediate to expert, experienced the same leap in performance. With the benefit of additional practice, I now can ski with much less effort and manage far more difficult terrain than I ever imagined I could handle.

We all have to be reminded again and again: to improve perf0rmance, you need to get the basics right. Even if you’ve been at it for years the key is knowing how to eliminate what’s holding you back and where to focus your efforts.

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Are you getting the results you want from your marketing strategy?

Want a marketing strategy and plan that won’t hold you back? Do you want to learn the marketing principles that work for small business and that work on the Internet?

The first three are:
1. Focus all your marketing on client problems to Get Attention.

2. Position your services by giving away ideas your prospects can use.

3. Stay in touch with your prospects and clients to help them remember you when they need your products and services.

What happens when you apply these fundamental small business marketing principles?

According to one client I worked with, “No matter how good of a marketer you might be, having outside assistance in formulating business building strategies truly was key to my success.” For another client, focusing her marketing on the problems she solves was the key. now her advertising leads with a focus on client’s concerns and attracts many more clients.

My 18 year old son still skis better than I do but now I can ski where I want with ease (mostly in the woods dodging trees) and I’m having a lot more fun. I made a breakthrough in my performance by learning and applying a handful of core techniques. You can do the same with your marketing.

Learn and apply the marketing strategies that work for small business owners and you’ll find yourself taking your business where you want to go and having a lot for more too.

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