How to Get Your Small Business Marketing in Shape for Increased Profits

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Do you want to attract more leads each week and grow your sales every month? Get your marketing in shape to achieve your goals.

I’ve always exercised a lot and thought I was in pretty decent physical condition. But a year ago, after a long recovery from a serious shoulder injury, I decided I needed expert help to prevent any more injuries. I started working out with Seth Forman, who specializes in sports-specific training,

After a year of Seth’s expert training and consistent practice on my part, I’ve achieved the results I wanted. I’m stronger, faster and I’ve got more stamina. I feel terrific and I’m enjoying the cycling, rollerblading, kayaking and especially skiing do on weekends and vacations.

To improve your small business marketing, you need to do the same thing you’d do if you wanted to become more successful at a sport, whether it’s skiing, golf, tennis or basketball. Get expert advice and put that advice into practice each and every week.

My weekly workouts have had a benefit for Seth, too. In between reps of single leg squats’ and ‘walking lunges’, I give him advice about business marketing. In the year since we began, he has doubled his sports training business.

To help you get your marketing in shape, I’ve outlined a Marketing Workout Program below.

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* Your Weekly Marketing Workout Program *

Set Your Fitness Goals

1. Grow your list of qualified prospects by 5% each month. If you can do it your cumulative growth would be at least 100% each year.

2. Get a better response with your ads, sales letters and web site.

3. Increase your conversion rate of prospects to clients.

4. Help more of your prospects get what they want.

5. Increase sales by 5% each month for a cumulative growth of at least 100% each year.

6. Be more successful and have more fun.

Track Your Progress

If you worked out with a fitness trainer, you’d keep track of the amount of weight you were lifting and how many repetitions. Each week you’d track your progress. The same is true with your marketing fitness. You need to track:

1. The total number of qualified prospects on your list. Bigger is better.

2. The number of new leads you added last week.

3. Your conversion rates: including ads seen to leads generated, leads to clients, new client to repeat client, dollar volume of sales per client, etc.

4. Your total income from sales.

5. Your net revenue.

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Part I – Warm Up

• Clarify the actions you want prospects to take in response to each of your marketing efforts.

• Review what’s working and what’s not. Then identify the one area where you’d get the biggest benefit if you could get it in shape.

• Simplify your small business marketing effort to help prospects take the action you want them to take.

Part II – Strengthening

• Improve your marketing message. Fine tune existing copy and test alternative copy. With a compelling business marketing message, a simple web page can prompt 15 to 25% of site visitors to contact you.

• Replace weak marketing copy with effective copy that connects with prospects’ concerns. Tap your prospects’ curiosity and impart a sense of urgency.

• Revise ad and web page designs so the visual hierarchy and use of type, color and layout increases the effectiveness of your marketing.

• Use your advertising, mailings, web site and public relation efforts to reach more people each week.

• Build relationships with prospects and clients by sharing one idea or tip they can use every week or at least two times a month. Skip this one-step of your marketing conditioning and you risk losing the leads you’ve worked so hard to get.

• Improve your follow-up system. Each email you send and phone call you make can be improved to increase overall the response rate.

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Part III – Cool Down

•  Create your ‘To Do List’ of monthly and weekly marketing tasks.

•  Delegate these tasks appropriately. Use your time to do tasks that only you can do. Delegate other tasks to qualified employees or to subcontractors. When you need expert advice, get it.

• Schedule your marketing sessions for the next week, even if you are just having a marketing meeting with yourself. Make the time for marketing.

Ready to get your marketing in shape so you can enjoy increased profits? Start working at it at least twice a week using proven strategies and you’ll see results. Week by week, your marketing and your business will improve.

You could keep marketing the way you have been and risk hurting your business or you could get help and discover how to get your marketing in shape. I wrote each of these to give you the tools you need to be successful.

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