Do You Dread Marketing As Much As A Root Canal…

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Many small business owners dread marketing their business as much as going to the dentist for root canal work. They put off even going to the dentist until its absolutely necessary, and then the expense is as painful as the procedure. Are you one of those who wish you could avoid marketing your business altogether?

You’re not alone. If you enjoy serving your clients but find marketing painful, it’s probably for one or both of the following two reasons:

1. You associate marketing with pushy, if not obnoxious, selling. We’re all constantly bombarded by ads on TV, on the radio, in newspapers and magazines, online, in the mail and even in restaurant restrooms. Most just seem to yell, “Buy Me!”, and you’d like to avoid being associated with this type of annoying marketing.

2. You spent money on advertising or mailings or a web site that cost you more than you made from the leads generated.


How to Avoid Obnoxious and Painful Marketing
Too much of the marketing you see is about the company and not the customer. You’ve seen too many examples of marketing that shouts, “My Company Name, My Products, I’m the Best, I’ve Been Around the Longest, Now Buy ME!!!” It’s all about me, not you. I g.uarantee that if you use this type of ME, ME, ME marketing you’ll get dismal results.

How many responses did you get with your last ad? How many are you getting from your web site? If you’re not getting the attention of your prospects, shouting at them louder or longer isn’t going to work any better. Marketing this way is painful for you and your prospects.

Stop shouting about yourself and your products and services. That’s not what prospects want to hear. Discover how to get your prospects’ attention and their business with pain-free marketing.

Getting a Better Response with Your Small Business Marketing
What’s the best way to get your prospects’ attention and their business without it being painful or pushy?

Imagine you sold cars. You could keep using marketing that shouts at your prospects about the number of years you’ve been in business or the number of cars on your lot. Do this and you’ll only end up with a sore throat. The alternative is to focus your strategic marketing on the information your prospects want.

For example, a recent survey by BIGresearch found 14 reasons people like you buy a new car, including:

– Your old car has high mileage
– Your old car always needs repairs
– You’re tired of their old car and want something new, including the latest technology
– You want a car that gets better gas mileage
– You like the styling
– The new car has better safety features
– The new car has more room
– The new car is offered at a good price (only 14% of respondents listed price as a factor in their purchase)

If you were a car dealer, you could use the reasons above to keep your marketing focused on what your prospects want. For example, an ad might read something along the lines of:

“Is your car ready to be replaced? Does it have over 80,000 miles on it? Is it in for repairs so often you’re making monthly visits to your mechanic? Discover which cars can provide you with better mileage, the latest in technology and a safer ride. Visit Miller Motors at …”

Want to double or triple the response to your ads, your web site, and your sales letters? Stop using marketing that is painful for you to deliver and for your prospects to read and hear. Discover the fastest way to get attention and increase your sales.

Are you shouting ME, ME, ME at your prospects? Start talking about what they need and want instead. It’s a highly effective marketing strategy that will ease your marketing pains. When you get a tremendous positive response you’ll discover that marketing is actually fun.

Ready to get the help you need to make your marketing pain free? Discover how to get your prospects’ attention in just 15 seconds or less.

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