Where to Focus Your Marketing for More Sales

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I really enjoy your newsletters but I have concerns about whether your ideas will help my company’s marketing campaign. Tell me why I shouldn’t use a publicist to further my company’s profile, image and marketing cause instead of trying your ideas?
John – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Like John, you may be wondering where to focus your marketing and sales efforts. You have questions about where to put your resources to increase your sales. I had a query similar to John’s from Alan in Malibu, California. He wanted to know whether or not to allocate his marketing funds to search engine optimization.

Search engine placement and public relations are excellent ways to get your prospects’ attention, as are mass mailings and print or advertising. Together these are the marketing equivalent of a fleet of package delivery trucks. They take your marketing information and put it where your prospects can find it.

Getting your marketing package delivered to the right people at the right time is critical to your sales. You’ve probably got the audience, the timing and the delivery all worked out.

Like most owners of small businesses, you’ve taken great care in choosing your tagline, the information in your brochures and the design of your web site. You’ve worked hard on your marketing package, but no matter how much you spend on various delivery vehicles, your marketing isn’t generating as much new business as you’d like.

Let me clear up some confusion about small business marketing once and for all. The most critical element of your marketing is what you include in your marketing package and how you follow it up, not how you send it.

Discover a small business marketing strategy that can help you attract more prospects, generate more leads, and increase your sales. Find out what to include in your small business marketing materials and a marketing strategy to grow your business.

What you say about your services and the sequence of information you provide determines whether your top search engine placement, mailings or ads generate a trickle or a flood of new sales.

Regardless of the delivery vehicles you use for your marketing, you won’t get the response you deserve unless you discover how to:

– Stop your prospects in their tracks so they feel compelled to read your marketing materials,

– Convince them you can help them,

– Earn their trust,

– Get them to contact you and buy from you.

When you read a magazine, how many of the ads do you actually read? How many prompt you to place an order? When you sift through your mail at the end of the day, how often do you throw away sales letters without even opening them? When you surf the net, how many web sites do you give only a nano second of time and leave without contacting the company?

Your prospects are doing the same thing you are. They are sifting through all the information they see and hear each day, looking for the small handful of items that grab their attention because of their needs, interests or desires.

Don’t let your business get buried in obscurity. Discover how to grab your prospect’s attention and get their business with your web site marketing.

Your marketing either pulls your prospects in or pushes them away. Every element plays a role including;

– Where they first read or hear about your firm,

– The first sentence of your ad, your sales letter or your web site,

– The paragraphs that follow the headings,

– The layout of your marketing web site and your brochures,

– The offers you use and where you use them,

– The number of times your prospects hear from you,

– The sequence of information your prospects receive from you.

I highly recommend using a publicist, a search engine optimization firm, advertising, mass mailings and all the appropriate delivery vehicles you can afford. What too many business people forget is that before you can expect any of these vehicles to be effective, you need to find out what information to send. You need to discover the sequence of steps to take to get prospects to contact you and buy from you.

When your marketing materials are planned, written, designed and delivered correctly, your prospects will not only read them, they’ll feel compelled to respond. That translates into increased sales for you and your business.

My marketing manuals and consulting services are helping thousands of small business owners do just that. By focusing your small business marketing efforts on the information your prospects want, you’ll find it easy to attract new clients and increase your sales to existing clients.

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