5 Ways To” Get Lucky” With Your Small Business Marketing

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In early-August, I got a call from Barbara at the Association of Management Consultants wanting to know whether I was interested in running a small business marketing workshop for their members. I asked how she had gotten my name; Barbara told me Jeff had referred me. When I mentioned that I had met Jeff over two years ago, Barbara said that I sure was lucky he still remembered me.

Luck had nothing to do with it. Jeff asked to be put on my mailing list after we meet. He gets my weekly ezine, full of strategic marketing ideas he can use. Over time, I’ve demonstrated my expertise to Jeff and he trusts me enough to refer me as a speaker.

Are you relying on luck to get people to remember you?

When Jeff had a need or when someone he knew wanted an expert in marketing, my name came to mind. Why? Because I have a SYSTEM for promoting my marketing products and services that helps people remember me when they have a need.

Do you have a system that generates a steady stream of clients?

Over the years I’ve perfected a marketing strategy that generates a steady stream of prospects, clients and income. It is based on five core marketing principles and associated marketing tactics.

Why use a small business strategic marketing system?

When you have a system, each one of your marketing efforts works to support your other marketing efforts. Each action you take builds on the previous action. Your marketing is cumulative. In my case this means that each month, I have an additional thousand or more qualified prospects interested in my services and products.

What are some of the elements of a successful small business marketing

Discover how to market your products and services systematically to generate a steady stream of sales.

1. Attract Attention
Learn how to explain what you do so that people quickly see how you can help them. All you need is a one-sentence description of who you help and the problem you solve; a marketing message or elevator speech. Use it on your business card, in your brochures, on your web site and in your ads.

Discover how to craft your small business marketing message and elevator speech and get attention and business.

2. Establish Your Credibility
Provide proof of how well your services and products work. Testimonials describing results work well. Articles, case studies and helpful tips show people how you think and how you can solve their problems.

3. Prompt Qualified Prospects to Contact You
Use your free report, test drive, workshop, etc. to prompt prospects to give you their contact information. If they read your ezine, or visit your web site, give them a reason to tell you what they need and want so you can contact them.

4. Stay in Touch
Whether a prospect came to you as a result of an ad, referral, web search, or a mailing, regularly send them mail or email and demonstrate your expertise with ideas they can use.

5. Educate Your Target Market to Create Demand
One of the biggest barriers to sales. is that your prospects don’t know you, the range of your services you provide, or why they need your products and services.

Discover how to use your web site marketing to generate interest, educate your target market so you have more qualified leads and sales.

Prospects won’t hire you if they don’t understand the need or the benefit. Use your regular communication to educate prospects about the problems you solve and to create a perception of need on their part and then they will want to use your services.

Still waiting to get lucky with your marketing? Use a systematic approach to marketing your business and generate a steady and reliable stream of clients and customers.

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