What Newton Discovered About Small Business Marketing…

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John’s printing firm had just printed a $40,000 job for a client that came out perfectly except for one detail. The beautifully printed brochure only generated one inquiry for his client.

The reason for this was out of his control, but John was frustrated because the same thing had happened before. He called me looking for a solution. Of course, John’s firm is just implementing small business marketing concepts and designs they’ve been handed. They don’t have control over the response rate. Regardless, John wanted to find a way to help his clients get better results from the money they spend on marketing.

What is missing from the small business marketing pieces John’s firm prints? What’s the one thing every marketing piece, email, sales letter, web site, and ad should do?

John’s marketing pieces and every marketing piece should result in reaction by the reader, ideally the reaction you want, an email, a call or a sale.

Small Business marketing is like driving your car. Each time you take a specific action you get a specific result. When you put your foot on the accelerator, assuming the engine is running and you’ve got it in gear, your car will move forward. When you lift your foot off the gas and press on the brake, you’ll slow your car down.

The physics of this are explained by Newton’s third law of motion; “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

In a transaction, the action is the buyer, who gives you money, and you the seller’s reaction is to deliver the product or service they bought. In marketing the way it’s supposed to work is you give your prospects written or audio information and they react by giving you their attention and their interest.

Wish this happened more often with your marketing?

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The marketing reaction you may think you want is to instantly generate a lead, interest and a sale. But that’s like asking someone to marry you on the first date. Once you’ve got their attention, you still need to earn their trust and develop a relationship. Then you can think about getting more of a commitment.

Whether you are dating or marketing, you take specific actions at each stage in a relationship to get a positive reaction. To get better results from your small business marketing, understand that your actions determine the reactions of your prospects and the response you’ll get.

If you want a different reaction to a sales letter, or a web site or a call, change the actions you’re currently taking. If your current marketing isn’t getting the response you want, your prospects aren’t going to start reacting differently all of a sudden.

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Here are two ways to improve your marketing with Newton in mind;

1.Keep your marketing efforts focused to generate the desired response.

Many business owners and marketers make the mistake of thinking that one brand campaign or ad campaign or web site page can attract a lead, generate interest and complete the sale. It’s just not the case. Remember the couple on the first date?

Action and reaction; each element of your marketing, executed well, will generate one specific response. Your business card, your print pieces, your sales letters, and a web page, will each motivate one reaction, not a whole series of responses.

Make your marketing work by setting a specific objective for each element of your marketing. Then determine the action you need to take to reach that objective.

What do you want your prospects to do?

  • Visit your web site?
  • Ask for more information?
  • Fill in a form on your web site?
  • Trust you?
  • Pick up the phone and call you?
  • Not call you if they’re unqualified?
  • Make a purchase?
  • Understand the value of your products?

Be precise and realistic about the reaction you want.

2.The success of each marketing effort in generating the desired reaction by your prospects depends on the perceived value of your offer. This is true whether you’re trying to get people to visit your web site, email you, call you or sign up for your $50,000 services.

Make successful offers by identifying what your prospects want and need, and by giving it to them. I can hear what you’re thinking, “I’ll lose money if I give away too much.”

You’re right; you need to craft every offer carefully so that you make money. For example, I give away an eBook, hundreds of articles and ideas, and more, but I won’t give away one-one-one coaching time. That’s where I provide the most value and get the most in return.

Whether you’re printing your business card, editing your bio or putting together a $40,000 marketing campaign, get the response rate you want by first defining the reaction you want from your prospects. Then plan the action that will get that reaction.

You may have heard the quote, “If you don’t like the answer, ask a different question.” The same is true in marketing. If you want different results, take different marketing actions.

Of course going from generating a lead, to having a qualified prospect to a sale involves multiple marketing actions and prospect reactions and looks something like this:

Action1>Reaction1> Action2>Reaction2> Action3>Reaction3> Conclusion/Sale

Does this action / reaction concept make sense to you? It’s the foundation of the Marketing For Success tools I’ve put together to help you get all the clients you want.

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