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  1. Bonus Audio CD: "How to Make This Your Best Year Ever." On it, I reveal the three keys to being successful, the simple strategy that one client used to make over two million dollars, and the one breakthrough strategy that you can implement instantly to increase sales. ($98.95 Value)
  1. Bonus Audio CD: "How to Close the Sale and Make $20,000 Next Month." You'll discover the system I teach my personal mentoring clients who pay tens of thousands of dollars a year to find out how to use this strategy to close more sales. ($195.90 Value)
  1. 5 Bonus Confidential Reports and My Marketing Checklist to put your business in gear right away. Includes:
    - How to Think Like a Winner ($59.00 Value)
    - Which Mistakes 95% of Small Business Owners Make and How to Avoid Them ($59.00 Value)
    - How to Generate at Least Twice as Many Leads ($79.00 Value)
    - 4 Easy Ways to Sell More ($79.00 Value)
    - How to Fix Your Web Site in One Week or Less ($87.00 Value)
    - The Essential Marketing Checklist ($69.00 Value)
  1. The Ultimate Copywriting Checklist you can use to write copy that grabs attention and gets the sale. ($99.00 Value)
  1. This month's Marketing Mentoring Audio CD One-on-one mentoring with the top marketing and sales experts in the world as well as with ordinary people, like you, who've been outrageously successful, revealing their innermost money-making secrets. ($199.00 Value)

From: Charlie Cook






Your time is valuable, so I'm not going to make you wade through a bunch of hype-filled sales copy telling you how great I am and how much money you will make.

The truth is, you've seen all that stuff before. Here's my quick summary. I used to struggle at marketing and in the early days of the Internet I even lost $35,000 with a website that went nowhere.

Then I woke up.

I realized that trying to reinvent marketing on my own was not only a waste of time and money but it was keeping me from being truly successful. Instead of stubbornly sticking to my New England Yankee go it on your own attitude, I got smart and starting learning from a series of mentors.

A year later after my first web site tanked, I sold my second website for seven figures and today, ten years later, I work with some of the top marketers and businesses in the world.

I went from ignorant to informed and struggling to successful within the space of a year simply by finding out what works to attract clients, close sales and maximize profits. In most cases the solution was simpler and involved less work than the approach I'd been trying to make work. And I'd like to share these proven online and offline profit formulas with you so you can achieve greatness with your business.

Want To Get Access To A Treasure Trove Of Proven And Practical Wealth Building Ideas?

All you need to understand is...

You can get 5-10 times the response with your marketing or better, when you use the proven tactics and strategies that work.

While I know a lot about marketing, I'm smart enough, and I bet you are too, to know that anyone who pretends to know it all is a fool. Which is why you'll find not only my proven strategies and tactics here but those from some of the smartest and most successful marketers on the planet.

"Our business has skyrocketed since we first started working with Charlie.

Listen to Mike

Money well spent!"

Mike Trowbridge, VP Marketing
www.wyndhamworldwide.com, Wyndham Worldwide





"I went from almost zero a few years ago,
to $20,000 a month.

His coaching more than paid off."

Kevin St. Clergy


Here Is What You'll Do When You Become An Insiders' Club Member Today.

Save Money - When you use the simple tactics and strategies you'll discover inside, you'll get a better response with your marketing in less time. Whether you use direct mail or online ads, more buyers will contact you so you can spend less and make more.

Save Time - You'll get no-nonsense tips, strategies and without the hype, all at your finger tips, when you want them.

Stay Current - You'll have the latest information on what works and what to avoid wasting time on, so you can put your business on autopilot. Each month, in addition to 24/7 online access, you'll receive a CD with the latest ideas from a top marketing expert along with a detailed recipe for putting the key tactic to use in your business.

Beat Your Competition - The fastest way to beat your competitors is to know which money-making tactics to use, how to use them and to put them to use before they do. Inside you'll find hundreds of ways to beat your competition and dominate your market.

Get Your Questions Answered - Just ask your question and get answers in the monthly webinars It's just like having our own personal success coach.

And too many more benefits to list here...

"My company and myself are indebted to you. Since December of 2006, when I started using your ideas - my profits have sky-rocketed.

With your help, my return on my marketing and advertising investment has been almost 10 fold what it was before.

- John Hoover,
Little Man Consulting, Michigan

"Charlie sure packs a punch in an hour-long call!

It's like getting a good swift kick in the pants to help market my business better, more efficiently and without hemorrhaging money! I definitely took away several key points and cleared my calendar this afternoon to make them happen."

- Marci Whitman,
Boomerang Marketing

"Very informative and very practical. I have been in sales for 30+ years and still learned a lot from it."

- George

It's Like 1-on-1 Coaching
From A Whole Team Of Top Marketing Experts...
For The Price Of A Burger A Day!

I know the top experts in advertising, copywriting, public relations, social media, and in web marketing. And I've persuaded them to share there top ideas with you here.

Whether you are just starting out or you've been in business for decades you'll discover ways to dramatically increase your sales and profits here.

Have a specific question? Get your questions answered in the monthly members only webinars.

5 Simple Reasons Why
You'll Profit By Joining

Reason#1: It's easy to get started IMMEDIATELY. You'll have instant access to the fastest ways to increase your profits, as I'll show you inside...

Reason#2: No need to reinvent the wheel with your marketing. You just need to follow the simple steps detailed for every topic from attracting clients to maximizing your profit margins.

Reason#4: You can stop being overwhelmed with the endless task of sorting through endless pitches by so-called marketing gurus, or signing up for multiple niche membership programs.

Reason #5: You can stop with flavor of the month profit strategies and focus on the easy ways to make more money online and off. I and my team of experts will tell you which strategies to avoid and which to plug in and use.

Do you see how powerful that is? It's like hiring a team of the top marketers in the world and putting them to work for you and having them at your beck and call 24/7.


You won't have to wander around in the dark anymore, feeling overwhelmed and struggling to make sense of how all the information and misinformation on marketing out there.

You can finally stop losing money on trial-and-error marketing that leaves your frustrated and or broke.

You can finally start to market your business with simple tactics that will work for you, bringing more business than you ever dreamed of.

You'll Generate A Flood
Of New Clients and Profits

"Charlie, the call was useful beyond the question that I posed.

Afterwards, I had an informal coaching session with my son who is starting a mortgage company. I used the "3 columns idea" to organize who does what tasks. The ABC model helped write the sales letters. Thanks for the marketing help."

- Doug Jacobson
- Seattle, WA

Right now, I take very few coaching clients. The people who I coach gladly pay me over $20,000 a year. But, I know most people can't afford those rates.

So here's what I've done for you. I'm giving you access to my personal marketing files, my top profit generating strategies and ideas. But as I said earlier, I may be smart but over the last decade I've put together a network of people who know more than me in a number of niche marketing areas.

So to make it affordable for you, the price for Insiders' Club membership is...

Just $3.12 per day ($97/month) $1.67 per day ($39.95/month) if you sign up this month before the price goes up.

That's less than a bottle of water at the movies, or a quarter of what I pay for a sandwich at the local deli.

There's no pressure. You decide if the tactics and strategies are worth more to you than a bottle of water or a couple of sodas.

This is a charter membership so the only way to guarantee your spot and lock-in this pricing is by joining today. There's no risk and you can cancel anytime.

Yes! I want to join the Insiders' Club

What Do You Get With Your Membership?

* Unlimited access to members only content so you can discover the fastest and most cost effective to attract more qualified buyers, make them eager to buy and how to close the sale, online and off. You'll discover what to focus on to reach your goals faster. Monthly Value = $750

* A CD and newsletter shipped to you each month. 12 times a year Charlie gets one of the top marketers alive to reveal their top money-making ideas. Then Charlie takes the most important tactic presented and explains exactly how you can use it, along with examples and samples you can copy.

Many members claim that just this the ideas they get from each of these a single one of these expert CD interviews more than pay for a whole year of membership. Monthly Value = $199

* Exclusive call in hours. Want answers to help you with particular tactic, idea or question? Each month you can ask Charlie your most pressing questions and get the answers during the member only webinar. Monthly Value = $260

Total Monthly Value $1,209
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* Full access to past expert interviews for a limited time only. Yes, you read it right. I'm giving you complete access to all the expert interviews that past members have been paying $39.95 a month for. You get immediate access all of these when you join today. People have paid over $500 to get these, now they're yours for free if you join today. Value = over $500!


* $1,024.85 Worth of Bonuses . Includes 2 bonus cds and 5 confidential reports. Limited Availability - Only 250 93 new member gifts available. Claim yours before they're gone. Includes all of the following:

Fast-Results Bonus #1
CD: "How to Make This Your
Best Year Ever" (Value $98.95)

If you want to make more this year, you need to know where to focus your time and efforts. Doing the same thing you have been doing is only going to get you the same results. On this CD, I detail the secrets of my success and how you can use these simple strategies to put your business on the fast track this year.

Fast-Results Bonus #2
CD: "How to Close the Sale and
Make $20,000 Next Month"
(Value $195.90)

When I go apple picking in Vermont each fall, I start with the ones I can reach without having to find a ladder, lug it to each tree, climb it, and reach for apples while balancing. If I know where to look, usually I can grab the low-hanging fruit and collect a bushel of apples in just a few minutes.

Closing more sales is the same as picking low-hanging fruit. Most people think they can close a sale, and I'm sure you do close lots of sales, but wouldn't you like to know how to close twice as many and make twice as much?

There are hundreds of ways I can show you to make more money, but some take time to implement. This strategy for closing more sales can provide you with instant results, bringing in more and higher dollar volume sales within days. Click here to put this to work for you >>

Each time a new client signs up to work with me personally, the first thing I want to do is help him or her make more money right away, within just a few days. Grab your copy before they're gone >>

Fast-Results Bonus #3 (Actually 6 Bonuses in 1)
5 Confidential Reports and
My Essential Marketing Checklist
(Total Value $432.00)

How can you put your marketing and your business on the right track? You'll find the answers in these five reports. You'll find out how to use the marketing mindset to focus your efforts, which mistakes to avoid, how to generate more leads, and four easy ways to sell more.

And, I've given you the prescription for fixing your site in just a week, the same one my personal clients pay me thousands to show them.

You'll discover where and how to focus your marketing, secret techniques, and shortcuts to help you make more with less effort.

And, if that isn't enough, I'm including my Essential Marketing Checklist to help you keep score and track your progress.

You'll receive the following 5 confidential reports:

  • How to Think Like a Winner
  • Which Mistakes 95% of Small Business Owners Make and How to Avoid Them
  • How to Generate at Least Twice as Many Leads
  • 4 Easy Ways to Sell More
  •  How to Fix Your Web Site in One Week or Less


  • The Essential Marketing Checklist

Each one is packed with ideas you can use to generate more leads and sales, but they wont do you any good unless you're one of the lucky people to get a hold of them before they're gone. Use this link to claim your confidential bonus reports >>

Fast-Results Bonus #4
My Ultimate Copywriting Checklist
(Total Value $99.00)

For 95% of businesses, the primary tool you have to grab your prospects attention, establish your credibility, and prompt them to buy is words. And the words you use can either kill the sale or jumpstart your business and your profits. But, what should you say? What should you include? How do you write like a master?

Every time you write anything, you can use this simple checklist to make sure your copy sells.

If you sell clothes or jewelry, its images that count, but you knew that, right?! Words are important, but you're selling lifestyle, and words work, but the images are the most important. For the rest of us, its the words that make the difference.

All Of This Is Yours For
Just $39.95 A Month

(shipping included)

"Using just one idea from this program
I landed a new client in 40 minutes.


Listen to Rob

These monthly cds are full of small steps you can put to use immediately to get results with your marketing."

Rob Calabrese,
Spotsmith, Sydney, Nova Scotia






"Our business is up 500% thanks to Charlie.

The result has been truly remarkable."

Bob Bernham
Expert Author Publishing


"Charlie, I Don't Know Who
Your Accountant Is, But I Want to Take
Advantage of This Incredible Offer before
He Does the Math and Tells You to Pull
This Offer and Start Charging More."

As you can see from the above, I've put together an amazingly powerful package of the best money-making materials for you so you can, with my full permission, steal my best ideas and put them to work to get your phone ringing off the hook, flood your web site with orders, and stun your accountant with your next quarters profits.

But don't take it from me. See what other entrepreneurs, business owners and even vice presidents of marketing say.


"Increased my online sales from $29 a month
to $4,000 a month!

After implementing only a fraction of what he showed my online sales took off. Highly recommended!"

Leslie Householder,
Thoughts Alive


"I can honestly say that in 8 years,
I’ve NEVER had this kind of success
in such a short period of time.

Kris Simmons, CEO
FireEye Productions


Yes! I want to join the Insiders' Club

I'm Spending My Own Money to
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I'm taking all the risk to give you these money-making materials and you pay less than two tickets to an amusement park. Think of it this way.

Usually when you test-drive a new car, you get it a few minutes to drive around the block. Then, before you've had time to actually check out all of the features, you have to make a 20 to 30 thousand-dollar decision.

Imagine if instead you could get the keys to a new car, drive it off the lot, and keep it for 30 days to see if it got you where you wanted to go and was what you were looking for. That'd be amazing, and who wouldn't jump at such a deal.

That's what I'm doing, giving you a full month to use the new member CDs, special reports login to the members only site and take them all for a spin. You get to look at every resource and start putting these proven ideas into action to see how much more money you can make.

And, if after 30 days you don't agree that these ideas can make you more - then please let me know and cancel your membership subscription.


"I'm already up by 71% in the last 8 months

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Bruce Johnson, President
Accelerated Growth Consulting


Even If You Decide to Cancel, You Still Get to Keep the
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Ill Send Your $39.95 Back No Questions Asked.
You Don't Risk Even a Single Penny.

Fair enough?

"Our referrals are rolling in!

Craig Nash

Listen to Craig

I have used a ton of consultants, but Charlie Cook was the best investment I have ever made. I would recommend him (and I have already) in a heartbeat."

Craig Nash, President
Progressive Rehab



"We tripled our leads within the first month and

increased our per client revenue and have seen
our business grow dramatically this past year.


Listen to Tracy

In fact we have we've had to add staff to handle all the new business. Charlie does an excellent job of helping us focus. We recommend him highly to many of our own clients."

Tracy Sabattis,
Mannix Marketing

This is not an email, PDF, or blog newsletter. You get monthly mentoring brought to your door every month, full access to the member site with hundreds of marketing tools you can use and access to me via the monthly webinar. And you get access as long as you want to keep growing your business.

Every month, Ill be sharing my inside secrets, interviewing other experts, as well as people just like you who've made it big. You could sign up with just one mentor and get his or her advice, but with this program, you'll get dozens of experts helping you each year.

You'll not only discover what I do, but also what other truly successful people have done and how you can use these exact same strategies. Ill share the details of the best money-making copy and selling tactics and techniques that will transform your business and your life.

With your membership, you'll find out the marketing and selling shortcuts to immediately tap more prospects and generate more leads and sales.

I'll take you by the hand, and along with the top marketing experts and sales experts in the world, we'll show you exactly what to do to pull in a pile of new prospects, crank up your conversion rates, and send your sales through the roof. Whether you're just getting started or have been in business for decades, you'll find ideas to help you take your business to the next level.

You'll have ideas you can plug into your marketing instantly and then watch the leads and sales pour in.


"Charlie has already helped us grow our business by 267%!

Dr. Mary Ellen Barnes


Yes, Charlie! Count Me In I'm Ready >>

This is hands-on information you wont find anywhere else for any amount of money. And, its only available to members of Charlie Cooks Insiders' Club Membership Program.

Now, you may have ordered marketing courses in the past that were "get-rich-quick schemes," and I can guarantee you that this isn't that. Its solid information from people who've actually made it and know what they are talking about.

Suffice it to say you'll be getting the full details on how others have made their first or second million and how you can do the same.

Yes, I Want To Grow My Business This Year >>

"I got at least 8-9 really good marketing ideas
explained very well by Charlie,

and will forward it on to key members of my organization so we can get things cranked up. I appreciate it and look forward to the next one."

- Jim
Memphis, TN

"I found a lot of things that I haven't been doing that I should be doing to boost my sales."

- Tom
North Arlington, NJ

"I was able to instantly relate your marketing ideas to my situation.

During the call, I applied what you were saying to develop the start of two marketing ideas that I think will be very profitable."

- Jim from Chicago

"Your information has been everything you advertise: focused, pointed, straightforward, practical, and applicable. Thank you!"

- Malcolm Dayton

Want more? Here are three more exclusive
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  • Insider Marketing Secrets Program Benefit #1 Members-Only Affiliate Program Make $10 for every person you refer that joins and earn a commission for every month they keep their membership. Note: This affiliate program is only available to Insider Marketing Secrets Program Members. Use this link to join today >>
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  • Insider Marketing Secrets Program Benefit #3 First in Line for My Latest Marketing Tools (Priceless $ Value) Each year, I add another invaluable marketing tool to the marketing toolbox and regularly revise existing tools. Last year, I added the Insider Secrets to Eliminating Obstacles to Sales and completely revised the Insider Secrets to Creating Web Sites That Sell.

Yes! I want to join the Insiders' Club

As a Member of Charlie Cooks Insiders' Club Membership Program
You'll Have a Competitive Advantage along with Other Successful Business Owners and Marketers You'll Know What to Do.

I know guys genetically are programmed to go it alone, to reinvent the wheel, and all too many women do the same. Why would you want to go it alone trying to figure out the most important aspect of your business, of your marketing, by yourself?

You've put your expertise into creating the products and services that people want; now do you really have the time to research and test the absolute best marketing strategies and ideas? Wouldn't it be a better use of your time to just get the marketing tools and ideas you need, so you can focus on running your growing business?

There is only so much time in the day, and instead of spending it searching for the marketing ideas and techniques that work, wouldn't you rather just be spoon-fed the ones that work, so you can spend your time taking orders, delivering services, and taking more vacations?

"Within three weeks, we added nine new clients and increased our income by $180,000 for the year."


Listen to Jose


Jose Lopez

You Take No Risk When You Join Because You're Covered by My 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

You have a full 30 days to check out the bonus reports, CDs, and exclusives.

If you don't find what you're looking for or don't feel that you're getting what you need to grow your business and that your membership isn't worth many times what you're paying, simply cancel your membership before the 30 days are up and you wont owe another single penny.

And, you can keep every one of the new member bonuses and reports. That's right, just for $39.95, you get over a thousand dollars of marketing tools. Or, if you want, you can pack them all up and ship them back to my office, and Ill refund you your initial $39.95 investment.

What happens if you join and then later decide, for whatever reason, you don't need Charlie's Monthly Marketing Mentoring to help you grow your business?

At any time you want, you can cancel your membership or if you want to pack, post, and return that months CD, I'll refund your money for that month, too.

Yes! I want to join the Insiders' Club

What Are the Conditions of Membership?

Before I let you in to my Insiders' Club Membership Program, I need your word that as a member you wont share the information that will be revealed to you. Ill be showing you the inside path to success: the same systems and techniques I've used to make millions along with the best ideas of the most talented marketers anywhere.

I consider membership in the Insiders' Club Membership Program a privilege, and Ill need your word that you agree to respect this privilege by keeping the ideas and content to yourself. This means that, no matter how powerful the ideas I share, you cant share the CDs, confidential reports, or any of the other member benefits. If you do, I reserve the right to terminate your membership forever.

Only $39.95(shipping included)
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Yes! I want to join the Insiders' Club

If you're serious about growing your business, you know that to get anywhere, you need to take action. You can pay with your credit card. Once you do, your New Member Amazing Bonus Package will be packed up and delivered to your door as soon as we can get it there.

What You Get
Your Benefits
Exclusive Access To Members Only Online Content
Monthly Value $750
You'll You'll discover what to focus on to attract more clients, close more sales and reach your goals faster.
Monthly Access To To The Insiders' Club Team Of Top Marketers
Monthly Value $199
12 times a year Charlie gets one of the top marketers alive to reveal their top money-making ideas.
Exclusive Call In Hours To Get Your Questions Answered
Monthly Value $260
Each month you can ask Charlie your most pressing questions and get the answers during the member only webinar.
Plus 4 Exclusive Bonuses   Delivered Directly To Your Door
How To Make This Your Best Year Ever
Value $98.95
I detail the secrets of my success and how you can use these simple strategies to put your business on the fast track this year.
How to Close the Sale and Make $20,000 Next Month
Value $195.90
This strategy for closing more sales can provide you with instant results, bringing in more and higher dollar volume sales within days.
5 Confidential Reports And My Essential Marketing Checklist
Value $432.90

* How to Think Like a Winner
* Which Mistakes 95% of Small Business Owners Make and How to Avoid Them
* How to Generate at Least Twice as Many Leads
* 4 Easy Ways to Sell More
* How to Fix Your Web Site in One Week or Less
* The Essential Marketing Checklist

The Ultimate Copywriting Checklist
Value $99.00
Every time you write anything, you can use this simple checklist to make sure your copy sells.
Total Value = $ 2,035.75

But you won't invest anywhere near that for this amazing membership program, and I'm going to give you everything you need to put your business on track fast...

Secure Order Form

Join Charlie Cook's Insiders' Club
For Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

CheckmarkABSOLUTELY, Charlie! Who wouldn't want to take the shortest path to more clients, more sales and bigger profits?! Please accept my order for the Insiders' Club Member Profits Program as indicated below.

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GREATEST SAVINGS! I save an extra $100 off the payment-plan price when I gert instant access to Charlie's Insiders' Club and over $1,000 in bonuses plus I get my FREE copy7 Charlie's "7 Steps to Higher Profits' on cd. And I get a full 12-months access to the Insiders' Club member site and Charlie via monthly webinars - for just one payment of $497 - An immediate savings of over $678.

I understand I have 30 days to decide if I'll keep the new member $1,024 gift and full access to the member site. If not, I'll return it within 30 days for a full and prompt refund!

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I understand I have 30 days to decide if I'll keep the new member $1,024 gift and full access to the member site. If I like what I see, I simply do nothing and you'll charge me the reduced monthly installment of $49.95 per month. But if I decide to return it, I will do so within the first 30 days for a full and prompt refund! And I understand I can quit at any time. I just need to notify Support to cancel future payments.

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Chalrie Cook

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You'll get these Audio CDs: "How to Make This Your Best Year Ever" and "How to Close the Sale and Make $20,000 Next Month." And, five Bonus Confidential Reports, including "How to Think Like a Winner," "Which Mistakes 95% of Small Business Owners Make and How to Avoid Them," "How to Generate at Least Twice as Many Leads," "4 Easy Ways to Sell More," and "How to Fix Your Web Site in One Week or Less," and also "The Essential Marketing Checklist." Plus, I've added, the "Ultimate Copywriting Checklist."

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