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How Can YOU Consistently Attract MORE Top Paying Clients and Sales To Leapfrog Your Competition
And Grow Your Business?

"Avoid Stagnation or Worse And
Instead Discover The Simple Science
Of Selling And Profiting More
So You Can Get More Out of Life."

For Businesses Who Are Generating $275K or More Per Year
Here's Exactly How To Not Only Survive But THRIVE
While Your Competitors Wither And Fade Away.

Let me make one thing clear. Most business owners base their marketing on myth not math or science.

They view marketing as a giant smorgasbord of ideas which they apply by guesswork or by copying the lame marketing of their competitors.

It's sad but the majority of business owners are like sheep, sticking with the herd and getting, you guessed it, the same results as the herd. If the economy is in a boom cycle they'll do well, but in a tough economy, like the one we're in now, their business suffers and I'm sure you know all too many people who have been forced to shut their doors forever.

It's like the blind following the blind, or lemmings leading each other over a cliff.

Obviously since you're reading this, you're not one of these people.

You're one of those rare individuals who is smart enough to know that the road to success requires standing out from the crowd. Which is exactly what you need to do to attract more clients and profits.

So here's a breakthrough idea for you to consider.

Marketing isn't an art form. It's not a matter of luck, or being in the right place at the right time.

Growing your business is a science!

And once you apply the key principles to your business, you can do so over and over to multiply your profits with a lot less effort. Which is exactly what I'll show you.

Over the last few years the economy has shifted and how people communicate has changed too. It's not your grandmother's market anymore. What this means for you is that the old school pitch and pray marketing is dead.

Your prospects are already inundated with advertising pitches and marketing and it's a turn off. It never sold well, and now in this economy you'd be lucky if it even brought in a trickle of sales relative to cost and effort.

You and I know that this push marketing mindset is history and if your company continues to use it, you could be history too.

Old school marketing is dead!

To stay afloat or much less succeed with your business, you need to adapt FAST. You need to embrace change and change your mindset, how you market and how you run your business.


A millionaire is made, on average, every 24 seconds in the U.S. alone. And it's not by chance.

Being successful just involves applying a few proven principles to your business. You don't have to be a genius or lucky. You just have to willing to use the same strategies that have worked, over and over for others in this market.

There is no reason you couldn't be the next multi-millionaire.

Ready to take advantage of the greatest new opportunities and avoid the storms on the horizon?

You can do something about it if you take action.

You can discover how to stop being a one armed, overwhelmed paper hanger, and instead find out the proven profit producing strategies that actually work for your business. When you do, you'll attract more clients, make more money and have more time to enjoy life.

What's unique about this coaching program?

  • You'll be working with me directly, one-on-one, not with someone else down the food chain.
  • You'll find out, not only what works, but the crucial mindset to attracting clients. Without it you could easily be wasting your entire marketing and advertising budget.
  • And I'll show you the simple formula, hardly any small business owners know, to giving your prospects the two things they want, the confidence to buy from you and a clear idea of the value of your products and services.
  • You'll discover not only how to market your business, but how to structure it and manage it for success.
  • You'll learn the simple secret to increasing profits without being overwhelmed and in fact working less.
  • And if that's not enough, you'll be getting the expertise of an seo expert, successful author, internet marketing expert, copywriting guru, marketing and sales expert and business growth consultant - all rolled up in one.

Ready to get started?

Scroll to the bottom of this page and apply for one-on-one marketing coaching with Charlie to discover the mindset, the strategies and the techniques you need to see your business grow.

Read and listen carefully to the following marketing coaching case studies. And if you'd like similar results, apply at the bottom of the page.

"Money well spent! Our Travel Incentive business
has skyrocketed since we first started working with Charlie Cook.

Mike Trowbridge

Listen to Mike

Being in the direct marketing business ourselves (and for over 25 years), it is always difficult to find an outside marketing coach who has the right combination of business savvy and practical applications to make a REAL FINANCIAL IMPACT.

Charlie has these qualities and has withstood the test of time. In fact, we have just appointed Charlie to our coveted Marketing Advisory Council. We don't make a decision without him. Thank you, Charlie, for continuing to make a difference at our firm."

Mike Trowbridge, VP Marketing,
Wyndham Worldwide

Hi, I'm Charlie Cook.

Just to give you an idea of where the profit opportunities are within your existing business I've listed the eight areas where almost any business can increase their income without spending one penny more on advertising.

These areas of hidden wealth include:

  • Generating more leads with their ads, mailings and websites,
    Additional profit potential = 25-1,500%
  • Converting more of these leads into eager prospects,
    Additional profit potential = 30-80%
  • Closing more sales,
    Additional profit potential = 20-40%
  • Increasing per customer profits with cross-selling and up-selling,
    Additional profit potential = 12-40%
  • Getting more repeat sales,
    Additional profit potential = 14%
  • Retaining more customers and profits,
    Additional profit potential = 10%
  • Getting more referrals,
    Additional profit potential = 18%
  • Making better use of marketing partners.
    Additional profit potential = 50-500%

Minimum Total Profit Potential = Over 179%

What's 179% more than you made last year?

Since I don't know what you made I don't know the answer, but I'll bet you it's not chicken feed.

Even if you only made improvements in half of the areas outlined above you could still easily increase your profits by 90% this year. Of course once we start working together, there is a good chance I can identify even more areas where you could grow your business and you could make much more.

Before you read any further you should know that I accept a very limited number of mentoring clients and you may not qualify. There are a lot of marketing consultants and marketing coaches who are begging to work with you, but I'm not one of them.

Why don't I want as many clients as I can get?

This isn't your standard cookie-cutter marketing coaching program. You get intensive customized assistance. I spend a lot of time with each client giving them one-on-one help so they can achieve their goals.

Instead of getting a bunch of advice from a consultant telling you what to do, most of which you already know, I'll show you exactly what actually works and how to put these ideas into practice.

Marketing Mentoring FAQ >>

"After we started working with Charlie
and implementing his strategies we found that
our online sales during the month of January 2010 increased over 62% over what we were doing before
we started working with Charlie.

Judy Slack

Listen to Judy

Our biggest challenge is that being a small company no one was dedicated to work on our websales so the time we do have to commit to it it has to be fruitful.

He pointed out many small details that we had been missing. Things that search engines look for and rank our website by. He also helped us make changes in our shopping cart pages that increased the potential for sales.

I would recommend Charlie to any small business that doesn't have a web staff but does have someone who can implement these changes. "

Judy Slack, Director of Research & Development
Tom Hopkins International

"Business is good, we just hit our highest grossing month
in two years... yea!

Steve White

Still working on much of what I learned from Charlie....he gave me so much to work on and think about...."

Steve White,
Manchester Karate Studio

"I can honestly say that in 8 years, I've NEVER had this kind of success in such a short period of time.

After laying off most of my staff in 2007 I thought my business was a victim of the slowing economy.

Using Charlie's ideas in the past two months we've sold 30 projects which for a video production company is HUGE!

The only negative... if you can call it one is that Charlie has helped us get more work than we ever imagined and I'm having to reset my goals and my staffing plans to keep up."

Kris Simmons
FireEye Productions

"I'm already up by 71% in the last 8 months and
expect to double my income this year!

If you're looking for a marketing coach who listens, is humble and open, who will show you exactly how to get results and make more money, you should consider Charlie. I think he's great!"

Bruce Johnson, President
Accelerated Growth Consulting

"Charlie has already helped us
grow our business by 267%!

Before we started working with Charlie, my partner and I were making ends meet but our business just wasn't growing. We knew we could do much better. With Charlie's expertise and guidance we have seen our client numbers almost triple. Working with Charlie has been excellent investment and we would certainly recommend Charlie and his mentoring services."

Dr. Mary Ellen Barnes

"After working with Charlie for one year we have quadrupled our client base and sales are
beyond anything we could have imagined!

When we started working with Charlie we had a client base of 10 clients and we were facing problems with improving our web presence, building our mailing list, and really just finding the ideal client. I would recommend Charlie to any business wanting to improve their web presence. He really knows his stuff! "

Roslyn Null
The Edge Virtual Assistant

"I went from almost zero, a few years ago
to $20,000 a month.

Charlie helped me focus on what I needed to do to generate results immediately. With his help we went from a small company of just me to the point now where we have nine people on the team. My advice, sign up for his marketing coaching program - it will pay off!"

Kevin St. Clergy

"Our business is up 500% thanks to Charlie.

My book publishing business was doing over 6 figures per year and I was only working part time., but I really wanted to ramp it up a notch. That is when I got Charlie Cook as my mentor. The result has been truly remarkable. For example, Charlie showed us how to fix our homepage and in one day we had a 500% increase in optins. Charlie as done wonders for us!"

Bob Burnham
Expert Author Publishing

"Our referrals are rolling in!

Craig Nash

Listen to Craig

I have used a ton of marketing consultants, but Charlie Cook was the best investment I have ever made. I would recommend him (and I have already) in a heartbeat."

Craig Nash, President
Progressive Rehab


"If a 33 year old surfer without a college education
can build a million dollar business
using Charlie's ideas... you can too!"

Edward Hennessey

Listen to Edward

Before starting my business, the majority of my time was spent surfing and skateboarding. By applying Charlie's marketing ideas we have grown at least 100% a year, are on track to grow 150% this year with 225% gains online and on track to be a million dollar a year biz in two years. Thanks Charlie!"

Edward Hennessey, President
Ted Shreds On Fire


Want to discover the inside secrets to skyrocket your sales?

With over 3,100 people a day visiting my web site and over 35,000 subscribers to my weekly marketing newsletter, you can imagine I get a ton of requests.

I'd like to personally help everyone but I already have a very busy schedule and if you're one of the few that qualify I want to give you everything your need to know to skyrocket your sales.

I limit my mentoring program to only a couple dozen people at a time. If you and your company qualify, I'll give you the inside secrets you need to make your business a huge success. You'll receive my personal attention and get full access to my business building expertise, access to ideas that will help you increase your income, by a lot!

"Within the first week, Charlie helped me
revamp my pricing, get higher-end business
and increase my per client income by 50%.

Laurie Nadel, Ph.D

Listen to Laurie

I was working too hard and not making enough money until I started working with Charlie. One of my goals was to move out of my NYC office and avoid the commute. Within a month I had enough phone coaching business so now I only go in to meet with clients in the city one day a week at most. Charlie's the best marketing coach!"

Laurie Nadel, Ph.D,
Laurie Nadel


"Increased My Online Sales From $29
a Month to $4,000 a Month!

After working with Charlie for just a few months and implementing only a fraction of what he showed my online sales took off. I highly recommend working with Charlie. He is tremendous!"

Leslie Householder
Thoughts Alive

Are you an entrepreneur or successful business owner who is ready for straight from the hip no BS help on the fastest ways to grow your business?

You may qualify to work with the world's top marketing response expert IF AT LEAST ONE of the following describes you:

  • You have an established business and want to increase sales with your online marketing.
  • You are starting a new business after owing previous successful businesses.
  • Your last year's revenue was in excess of a two-hundred thousand dollars and you want to grow it substantially this year. Or you may be like one client of mine who made six million last year and wants to grow it to nine million this year.
  • You have a new product and want to make it a real success. You may have grossed $300,000-700,000 in product sales the first year and now want to grow sales by 4 to 10 times in the next 12 months.

If any one of the above apply... AND

  • You are responsible for your company's marketing and have the authority to change your marketing strategy and materials.

If you're just getting started in business, begin with the marketing tools on this site. You can always upgrade to mentoring later and you'll get full credit towards the mentoring program.

"We tripled our leads within the first month
and increased our per client revenue and
have seen our business grow dramatically this past year.

Listen to Tracy

In fact we have we've had to add staff to handle all the new business. Charlie does an excellent job of helping us focus. We recommend him highly to many of our own clients."

Tracy Sabattis,
Mannix Marketing


With My Personal Marketing Coaching Program You'll Get My You Personal Advice - Sharing Every-Money Making Secret You Need to Succeed!

"Requests for my services went up by 300%.

Bob Nelson

I'm delighted with all the business my web site is generating thanks to working with Charlie."

Bob Nelson,


What kind of results can you expect?

To be honest, I don't know. I'm not going to promise you the moon but take a look at the following list of results I've helped clients achieve.

  • "Requests for services went up by 300%!"
  • "Increased leads from 10 a week to over 150 a week and saw sales skyrocket!"
  • "Added nine new clients in the first 3 weeks worth over $180,000!"
  • "Improved sales call conversion rates to 50%!"
  • "Within the first week, Charlie helped me revamp my pricing, get higher-end business and increase my per client income by 50%."
  • "Leads from our web site tripled in the first month!"

Read and listen to what my clients say in their own words on this page.

"I achieved a 50% conversion rate on my sales calls.

Suzanne Falter-Barns

Charlie's marketing ideas and practical knowledge have been incredibly helpful."

Suzanne Falter-Barns,
Get Known Now


"Charlie put me in the number one position for my keyword!

Rhonda Geortz

Listen to Rhonda

A one-hour consultation with Charlie resulted in a revised website that is listed at the top of the MSN and 9th position on Google. His advice was invaluable!"

Rhonda Geortz,


Working together, I'll show you how to tune up your marketing strategy so it runs like a fine car speeding towards your business goals. I'll put you and your business in the fast lane to increased profits.

Don't worry, I'm not suggesting you sign up for yet another teleseminar or email class. This is personal, straight-from-the-guru small business marketing coaching. Here's a brief overview of what you'll get if you qualify for Charlie Cook's Marketing Coaching Program.

  • You'll work personally with me to reach your marketing and business goals. We'll set regular times to talk on the phone but you'll have unlimited access to my marketing expertise. If you have a marketing question between scheduled calls, you can give me a quick call and get the answer.
  • We'll work together ' one-on-one'. If you're the business owner or you're the Vice President of Marketing and want to bring in the VP of Sales and your webmaster on calls, I'll work one-on-one with you or you and your marketing team.
  • You'll get honest feedback and direction. My priority is making your marketing an amazing success and I'm not going to tip toe around the issues. You're going to get hard-hitting ideas and strategies you can put to work immediately.

"My business has been doing much better
since I've taken your advice.

I have to tell you there has been no one that I've gotten advice from that is as smart as you!"

Linda Jean Runstein,
LJR Web Designs


"I now have a good influx of new work.

Charlie's ideas helped me improve my marketing."

John J. Catalfamo,
Albany Graphics

Be forewarned, this isn't for the timid or lazy. This is intense business winning marketing. You're going to discover how to leave your competition in the dust. To make this happen you're going to need to pay attention and put the ideas I give you to use.

  • You'll also get unlimited email and fax support. I'll give you my personal and private email address so you can send me a question anytime. As a mentoring client you are my top priority, and typically you'll get an answer to any marketing question within 24 hours.
  • You'll find out which are the best marketing resources to use online and offline to reduce your costs and simplify your marketing.
  • In case you hadn't figured it out already, my writing and copy writing is sought out by direct response marketers. This means I'll be able to show you exactly how to make your sales copy work to generate a lot more sales.

"Within three weeks, we added nine new clients
and increased our income by $180,000.

Listen to Jose

We previously had an add running in several newspapers for four months and not generating any leads. We knew we were headed for financial trouble, that is why we contacted Charlie. We ran the ad Charlie wrote for us, and the phone calls have been pouring in. Now we need to hire more people to handle all the new business we've gotten. If you are a new business or seeking more leads turn to the pro, turn to Charlie and let him guide your business to success. Charlie saved our business."

Jose Lopez,


  • If you're ready to get into super advanced marketing I'll show you how to test and track your marketing, how to, 'split test' and tweak even your best ad so that it gets a better response.

What does this mean? You'll get all of my secret profit building tricks to grow your business. You'll find out exactly how to catch more prospects and convert more of them to clients and you'll discover how to increase your revenue by a lot.

Before you go any further, let me ask you a question or two.

  • How much money have you spent on marketing e courses or seminars?
  • How long have you been working to take your business to the next level?
  • Have these worked to skyrocket your business profits?
  • Or are you still confused about what to do to take your small business to the next level?

Here's a thought.

Working with me is the cheapest way to increase your profits. For each dollar you spend, you'll make more than if you trickle away your savings marketing in ways that don't bring in new business.

"Simply put, he's the best.

Charlie helped me improve my small business marketing, launch my business and get more clients. I couldn't have done it without his invaluable help. The marketing coaching more than paid for itself."

Amy Schoen,
Life Coach

Should you apply for my marketing mentoring program and work with me personally?

In most cases, the answer is NO.

That's right, this isn't for everyone. There are probably lots of people who shouldn't even consider filling in the following form.

Please, Only Respond to This Offer If:

  • You have experience in business. This isn't for people who are just starting out. It's for people who have expertise and experience. I'll work with you if you're starting your second business or want to take your existing business to the second level but if this is your first business venture, you're probably not ready for this advanced marketing coaching program.
  • You must have had some successes in the past and have the financial means to make this investment in your business. If you're struggling to make ends meet this isn't for you. It's going to take some money to make more money.
  • You are ready to apply these ideas. Whether you are the business owner or marketing manager, you need to be ready to put these ideas to use. This isn't about marketing by taking a poll among your staff and family as to what to do. It's about putting proven profit making ideas to work.
  • You are looking for more than 'band-aid' ideas. Imagine trying to teach someone to be a photographer by looking at one of their pictures at a time. I can't show you how to market your business by helping you with just one ad or sales letter. We'll need to work on your marketing strategy and all the pieces you use to implement it.
  • You are ready to take an idea and run with it. The key is that you are a person of commitment and action.

"The time spent working with Charlie was invaluable.

Julie Chance

Even as a small business marketing consultant with almost 20 years of experience, it was impossible for me to see my own business from the outside the way that potential customers see it. The coaching sessions had a nice blend of strategy and practical tactics."

Julie Chance,
Marketing Coach


"Your knowledge has more than helped market our business right.

Adam Griffiths

Have already told 10+ people about your site as my No.1 source for info. Thanks for the personal email tips on Yellow Pages too, we pulled right back, made a tiny ad 15 second style and it doubled response. Saved $10,000 so thanks big time. Thanks again, but don't get too popular, don't want my competition finding out..."

Adam Griffiths,
Furniture Movers


Do you think you and your company qualify?

If you do, act quickly before this opportunity is closed - possibly forever. Once clients sign up, more often than not they stay with me year after year. Whether its they're next ad campaign or sales letter they keep coming back and my existing clients are my top priority. This means, each month I have fewer and fewer mentoring slots available and if you want one you need to sign up soon before they're all gone.

Do It Now Before The Door Closes Possibly Forever!


Charlie Cook
The Marketing Response Expert

/ Sell More. Profit More. Live More. //

P.S. Do you think you are already making as much money from your business and your website as you could be? Do you think you already know all the marketing techniques that you could be using to grow your business? You could be making ten times what you are now with marketing ideas I can show you how to use!

P.P.S. I don't work with people who promote porn, gambling or cheesy pyramid (or other) scams. Don't waste your time or mine with these.

"The response has been phenomenal!

With Charlie's help we put together the marketing tools for our over 100 member financial advisors in a tenth the time and they love them.

Both the marketing manual and the web brochure are hits. We're even finding that members who already had, so called professional, web sites are switching to the web site model that Charlie helped us develop.

Our goal was to help our members market their financial advisory practices, from educating them about how to market themselves to giving them the tools to grow their businesses. Charlie worked with our task force and his patience, insight, flexibility, and humor really helped the group stay on track and achieve the goal.

Personally, I learned a great deal about the marketing process, and I continue to implement Charlie's marketing ideas every day. I'd highly recommend Charlie as a marketing coach for either individuals or groups who want to grow their business. Every penny was well spent."

Cathy Stegmaier,
Executive Director
Alliance of Cambridge Advisors

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3. Why are you looking for a mentor right now?
4. Do you have any websites? If so what are the URLs?
5. How much money have you set aside to invest in yourself and in your business?
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