Should Your SEO and Web Marketing Be This Expensive?

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I had a great arrangement with an SEO firm, until recently, when they started charging me for their services.

Five years ago I developed a relationship with a search engine optimization firm. I helped them improve their internet marketing and they in turn gave me advice on how to boost the rankings of my site on the search engines.

When I first started working with this SEO firm, they had top positioning in the search engines, as you’d expect, and were getting a ton of traffic to their site. But they weren’t getting enough qualified leads. Their biggest complaint was that they were working way too hard with the clients they had and not making enough money.

We talked monthly over the course of a year.  They gave me search engine tips and I shared internet marketing ideas. I showed them how to change the layout and marketing copy of their homepage and explained how to qualify leads.

I recommended that they fire the small-time, annoying clients that were taking up most of their time and focus on the clients they enjoyed working with and who had the funds to pay for a wider range of services. And I talked to them about their pricing model, showing them how they could increase their fees substantially.

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During the year we worked together, I knew they were paying attention but I didn’t track how many of my ideas they implemented. We hadn’t been in contact for 12-18 months, so when I called them about an SEO task I needed done, I was shocked to find out how much they wanted to charge me.

What had gone wrong, or right, as the case may be?

Since, we had spoken last, the SEO firm had been gradually implementing most of the ideas I’d given them. They transformed their site into a lead generator that was providing them with top quality leads. They’d stopped taking low paying, high maintenance clients. And they’d increased their prices.

Bottom line: Using the web site marketing ideas I’d shared, the SEO firm had increased the number of qualified leads they’d generated online by over 300% and per client revenue by 400%. With fewer clients they were making more!

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Given the dramatic success of the SEO firm, our initial barter arrangement was history. Since they had more clients than they could handle, I had to wait in line and pay the same high fees as everybody else. While I expect my clients to succeed with my website marketing ideas, I hadn’t expected this turnabout.

I did end up paying the SEO firm to work for me and they’re worth every penny. They’re great people to deal with and do top quality work. Contact me if you need top quality SEO services and I’ll be happy to give you their name.

(VALUE: $200)
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