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Marketing Books by marketing gurus

Creating Rainmakers: The managers guide to training professionals to attract new clients -Ford Harding
A textbook for business development. It includes a number of unusual ground breaking concepts to help you and your sales staff become rainmakers, people who generate high levels of profits for your firm. Harding dispels numerous business development myths and describes common mistakes made by sales and marketing managers. This book is the bible of lead generation.

Don’t Send a Resume: And other contrarian rules to land a job– Jeffrey J. Fox
Jeffrey wasn’t thinking of marketing your business when he wrote this book, just of ways to get attention as a job applicant. But his approach used as a marketing strategy, can produce astounding results. Jeffrey maps out his guerilla approach to getting a job and it turns out it works just as well for growing your business. Short and sweet.

Designing Web Usability: The practice of simplicity– Jakob Nielsen
This easy to understand book is packed with ideas on how to build web sites to achieve your communication objectives. Don’t expect to find out how to design the latest cool feature; instead, this book uses research and Nielsen’s well-founded insights to explain what works. Designing web sites is easy. Designing web sites that move people to the action you want them to take isn’t. Anyone who has a web site, and especially people who design them should keep this book next to their computer.

Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got: 21 ways you can out-think, out-perform, out earn the competition– Jay Abraham
Abraham is a marketing genius and one of the great marketing thinkers of all time. As you can tell from his title, Jay is inclined to hype, but beneath this is sound advice. Jay focuses on the big ideas which can dramatically increase your profitability. Provocative and content rich. Lots of great stories to stimulate your own business development thinking. A veritable gold mine for any business leader or owner.

How Customers Think: Essential insights into the mind of the market – Gerald Zlatman
What are your customers thinking? Most firms don’t know, as evidenced by the fact that 80% of new products fail in the first six months. Harvard professor Zaltman shows you how to understand your own predispositions and biases as compared to how the minds and memories of consumers work. A clever book full of insights you can apply to your marketing. You’ll need to read it carefully and use your imagination to get the most out of this book, but if you do, your marketing will be light years ahead of your competitions’.

Books on Creativity – Keep new ideas flowing to stay ahead

Thinkertoys (A handbook of business creativity)

– Michael Michalko
A practical guide to stimulate creative thinking and problem solving. Full of exercises to use for brainstorming with your staff or your clients. Includes over a hundred innovative tools that any business person can use to solve problems and come up with new ideas. Read a few pages every day, and try one of the exercises once a week to keep your creative ideas flowing.

A Whack on the Side of the Head- How you can be more creative – Roger Von Oech
32 “whacks” or eye-opening exercises to spur creative thinking and help you see problems from a new perspective. Roger identifies ten barriers to creative thinking, including”the right answer, that’s not logical, follow the rules, be practical, play is frivolous, that’s not my area, avoid ambiguity, don’t be foolish, to err is wrong, and I’m not creative”. A chapter on each helps you unlock your and your colleagues’ creativity. These ideas are useful whether you’re in business or in school.

Weird Ideas that Work: 11 1/2 practices for Promoting, Managing and Sustaining Innovation – Robert Sutton
You might think Robert is nuts until you discover that this Stanford professor is describing ideas from real-life case studies. This book will turn many of your stereotypes of what works on their heads. Sutton’s ideas are unorthodox and thought provoking. No ivory tower theories here, but actual examples pulled from companies like Handspring, 3M and IDEO. Weird? Maybe. Practical? Definitely.

Why Didn’t I Think Of That? Think the unthinkable and achieve creative genius – Charles W. McCoy Jr.
Instead of using a band aid approach to problem solving, McCoy shows how to apply systems thinking to increase creativity. This engaging book is full of anecdotes and addresses issues of perception, concentration, high-level thinking, a systematic approach, imagination, intuition, empathy, and anticipation. Use McCoy’s systematic approach to creativity to become a top quality thinker. A fun read too.

More Marketing Books and Newsletters – To Be Reviewed

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By Vincent James

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By Paco Underhill

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By Richard Bayan

Millionaire Mind
By Harv Eker

Become the Obvious Expert
By Elsom Eldridge, Jr

Little Red Book of Selling
By Jeffrey Gitomer

How Millionaires Stay Rich Forever
By J.M. Trippon

Never Run Out of Cash
By Philip Campbell

1001 Ideas to Create Retail Excitement
By Edgar Falk

Ultimate Guide to Direct Marketing
By Al Lautenslager

Guerilla Marketing In 30 Days
By Al Lautenslager

Sales Question that Close the Sale
By Charles Brennan

Knock-Out Marketing
By Jack Ferreri

Your Marketing Sucks
By Mark Stevens

Negotiate Your Way to Riches
By Peter Wink

Phrases that Sell
By Edward Werz and Sally Germain

Selling to Big Companies
By Jill Konrath


Emergency Cash Generators

Landing Page Handbook
By Marketing Sherpa

The Ultimate Success Secret
By Dan Kennedy


Marketing Hotsheet
By Ankesh Kothari

The Online Marketing Letter
By Jonathan Mizel

List and Traffic
By Jimmy Brown


Millionaire Blueprints
By Tom Spinks

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