Want A Web Site Marketing Strategy and Web Site Coaching To Grow Your Business?

Do you want to learn how to:

  • Get more visitors to your site?
  • Prompt more people to contact you?
  • Increase your sales and profits?

If you answered yes to these questions, you need a web site marketing strategy to help you build your online and offline business.

Using Your Web Marketing Strategy to Increase Sales

A web site can be structured, written and utilized to become your most effective and hardest working marketing tool. To do this you need to know how to take advantage of the web to increase online lead generation and use your web site to get prospects’ attention and move them to the desired action.

Do you have a web site that does this? Is your online marketing working?

Years ago I wrote one of the first online guides to web site marketing. Since then, I’ve built web sites and sold one for a hansome profit and helped others market their businesses online. Recently I wrote ‘Creating Web Sites that Sell’ to help you with your web site marketing strategy.

You can improve your web site marketing and grow your online sales.

I can help you learn how to use your web site marketing strategy to attract the attention of your prospects and help you establish yourself as a trusted expert. I’ll help you with your web site marketing plan.

Want to learn how to increase sales and profits with your web site?

I work with a select group of clients to show them the key strategies and tactics that work to build traffic, generate leads and increase sales.

To learn more about how you can work with me to grow your sales and profits call 1-800-795-1858 or fill in the following form to contact Marketing Coach Charlie Cook. (Include as much detail about your business and your web site as possible.)

You Can Improve Your Marketing Response, Attract More Clients and Increase Your Sales

Grow your business with marketing coach Charlie Cook.Are you responsible for marketing your business? Want to discover how to attract more clients, grow your business, increase sales, and be more successful? Do you want ads that work, sales letters that get the phone ringing, a web site that sells, a steady stream of clients and profits? Do you want help with ...

Getting Attention
• Your marketing message
• Response to sales letters
• Return on advertising
• Generating leads

Positioning Your Business
• Establishing credibility
• Clarifying your value
• Using your articles & ezine


• Overcoming objections
• Getting commitments
• Increasing sales
• Getting more referrals
• Increasing lead generation and sales from your web site

Yes, I would like help with my marketing so I can attract more clients and be more successful.

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