3 Simple Ways To Generate More Leads With Your Website

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I’ve built a web site and it’s been up now for three months, but I’m only getting a handful of visitors each day. What are the best ways to get more people to my web site and enjoy more lead generation?

Marla. J., Minneapolis, MN

You built a web site to create a surge of inquiries and new business, but hardly anyone even drifts by, much less stays to learn about your company. Given the time and m0ney you’ve spent, you’re frustrated that your web site hasn’t turned into a pr0fit center overnight, and you’re inclined to dismiss its revenue-generating potential.

Don’t! There are three excellent ways to bring people and lead generation to your web site.

1. The Best Way to Attract Visitors

Unquestionably the best way to channel a flood of visitors to your web site is to get it listed at the top of every search engine. If prospects can find your web site in the first ten on Google, Yahoo and MSN, you’ll get plenty of visitors. Even a listing within the top twenty will bring in a steady stream.

You know that search engine position depends on keywords and the way they are used on your site. Search engines look at the frequency of use on your page and number of links to relevant pages.

If you’ve ever worked with the site code yourself to try to get to a top position in the search engines, you know that it is not obvious how to succeed at this. The experts (and many who claim to be search engine specialists are not expert) charge $12,000 to $30,000 and up annually, per site, to achieve and maintain top search engine positions.

Thanks to top placements for a several keywords, my site attracts over 35,000 unique visitors each month. You or someone in your firm can achieve this, too.

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Don’t have the time to do your own search engine positioning or a budget of $12 to 30 thousand dollars for the task? Write me and I’ll refer you to a reputable firm that can help you.

2. The 2nd Best Way to Attract Web Site Visitors

Top search engine positions make a big difference, but if you don’t want to invest the time or m0ney to put your site at the top of the search engines, there is a virtually no-cost technique you can use to bring in qualified prospects.

Thousands of online ezines and newsletters are hungry for content, and your prospects are always looking for ideas that will improve their businesses or their lives. Write short articles with ideas and information that your target market can use, send it to the ezines, and links from those back to your site will bring hundreds or thousands of prospects right to your ‘door’.

One article I sent out last December, ‘What Santa Knows About Marketing’ was picked up by over a thousand ezines, newsletters and web sites, and is still listed ten months later.

You can attract tens of thousands of visitors to your web site each week just by writing and distributing articles.

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3. The 3rd Best Way to Attract Web Site Visitors

I love Google Ads and you should, too. They are simple to set up, you pay only when people c.lick on your ads, and you can set daily budget limits. They look like the easiest way to attract qualified leads to your web site. Why aren’t they the number one way to attract web site visitors? Because making Google Ads profitable is more complex than it first appears.

Have you tried Google Ads? What were your results?

Lots of companies use Google Ads, but few can justify the cost based on the sales generated. It turns out that to make your Google Ads pay for themselves, you need to pay careful attention to keyword selection, the wording of your ad, and the layout, wording, and links on the page that people are sent to from the ad.

I’ve written 8 tips to make sure your Google Ads help you make m0ney. Get all 8 tips along with the formula for making m0ney with your web site.

Given the challenge and the cost associated with search engine positioning, and depending on your particular product or service, Google Ads may be the best way to attract visitors. Use the approach outlined above to put them to work for your business.

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