What’s The One Internet Marketing Mistake Most Website Owners Make?

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“Charlie, I’m so frustrated with our internet marketing! We’ve tried sending out articles to get more visitors to our web site twice and didn’t get any response. Not even one publication used our news stories, much less provided a link to our site. What can we do? What are we doing wrong?”
Stephanie, San Jose, CA

Getting articles about your business published on the Internet is one of the most effective ways to get attention, demonstrate your expertise and increase visitors to your website. Why isn’t it working for Stephanie?

There is one simple technique that will get editors and prospects to read your articles and read the marketing copy on your web site. Let explain with the following call that made me laugh.

Tanya is Chinese and has a web site that sells various forms of Ginseng. Her site was attractive and professionally done but was only generating a trickle of inquires or sales. After all her hard work putting the site together, Tanya was frustrated and called me. She knew that she could be making more, if only her web site marketing worked.

Sound familiar? Could you be making more from your website?

In our conversation Tanya explained that she thought was a boring person and her web site was boring too. Have you ever had someone call you up to tell you they were boring? I had to laugh, but Tanya knew exactly what the problem was and I had to agree with her about her web site.

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Want an editor to read your article or a prospect to read your web page? If it’s boring, they won’t and all your effort will just be a waste of time and money. So what’s the secret technique to get people to read your articles and or your web site?

Give editors and prospects a reason to do what you want them to do, which is to read your article or your web marketing copy. Give them information about something that’s important to them. It sounds obvious, but 99% of the web sites, articles and ads I review make the internet marketing mistake of not providing the reader with a compelling reason to keep reading.

Start by reviewing the title.  For example:

“Growth of Home-Based Business – Part 1”

What do you think? Would an editor grab this one and say to themselves, it’s a must to publish?

If you thought the title was boring, you’re right. Some alternatives include:

“Why Home-Based Business Profits Are Skyrocketing”


“The 7 Secrets to a Successful Micro Business”

Whether it’s the title of your article or the headline on your web page the purpose is the same, to get the reader to read the next line, and the next and the next.

Without a reason, prospects won’t respond. Give them compelling reasons to:

  • Read your articles,
  • Go to your web site,
  • Read the first line of your web site,
  • Read the first paragraph,
  • Read everything from your individual product pages to your bio,
  • Contact you even if they’re not ready to buy,
  • Place an order today.

Just providing stellar products or services isn’t enough. To generate interest and to get prospects to buy you need to also supply them with the motivation to act at every step of the web site marketing and sales process.

Don’t kill your sales by boring your prospects. Grab their attention with a reason to read and motivate them to buy from you. Do this and you’ll generate more leads and sales than you ever imagined.

Each time you look at your web site and then at your sales figures, how to you feel? If your site currently isn’t bringing in all the clients you can handle its not all of a sudden going to start selling like crazy.

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