Are You Using The Right Calls To Action In Your Website Marketing?

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“Dear Charlie,

We want to grow our medical services business online. After a decade of successful growth, we see the web as a great way to expand our business, but here’s the crux of the problem.

We spent tens of thousands on a creating a web site and its been up for almost a year now. We’re getting about 100 visitors per day – but it seems once someone lands on the home page – they look around and then just click off. What are we doing wrong?” Jason, F. Omaha, NE

Do you have this same problem?  Scratching your head because your site just isn’t converting visitors into paying customers?

A quick look at Jason’s site told me what I needed to know. The site was professionally constructed. Fast loading, carefully and tastefully placed images, good font size. Even the content, while not exceptional, was above average. So what was the problem?

Simple: There was no “Compelling Call To Action!

Think of this way…You’ve just gone shopping at your favorite department store. Everything is tidy and clean, all the merchandise is fully presented – but they’re no special sales and when you look for a convenient checkout – you just can’t find one.

You’d be scratching your head – wondering what to do next. Jason’s website was suffering from essentially the same thing. Even though he had everything in place – he assumed his visitors would know what to do next after they browsed his home page.


Are you making this same mistake? Are your visitors clear about what action to take? Or do they look around and figure “Well, I have a bunch of hyperlinks and supporting pages – everyone knows they should click on one of those.”

When confronted with a choice, most of your web visitors will take the easiest course of action. If that choice is “no choice,” that’s what your visitors will do: Nothing. They’ll click away and despite all your hard work to get them to the site, you’ve lost a lead and a potential sale. Doesn’t that drive you crazy?

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So how do you fix this problem?

Well, that’s the easy part. You decide what action you’d like your web visitor to take, and tell them in no uncertain terms. It’s like dealing with teenagers.

When my son was a teenager, I always had things I wanted him to do. Clean his room, work harder on his homework, empty the dishwasher, take out the trash, etc. Typically he responded the way most web visitors. He ignored the options and did something else instead.I discovered, as most parents do, that to get action I needed to provide motivation.

The same is true with your web visitors. If you want them to take action, to give you their name and email address, to click to another page, or to read a sales page, you need to give them a reason, a compelling reason.

And once last tip: Don’t offer a whole list of options. Give ’em one – or at the very most two choices to make. Any more and all you’ll be doing is causing confusion, and confusion leads to lost viewers – and lost sales.

Think of it this way. If you put a prospect in a room with ten doors but only one leads to a sale, what are the chances they’d make the right choice. Statistically you’d have a one in ten chance of them picking the correct door and making a sale.

People get confused when you give them too many options.Keep it simple, and point your prospects to the best option and you’ll sell a lot more of your products and services.

Is your website converting visitors into qualified prospects and prospects into buyers?

What percentage of visitors provide you with their email address or phone number so you can followup?

What percentage become buyers?

If you’re serious about using your website to grow your business, you’re looking for answers, expert answers that will give you the results you want.

You could keep pouring money into your site and/or Google Ads and hoping your site will make a profit or you could find out what you really need to do.

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