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Debra emailed me in response to last week’s ezine. Her niche coaching site has top placement in Google, gets thousands of visitors a day and is providing her with a steady stream of clients. Despite her success, she wanted to know if she could be doing better and if anything is missing in her internet marketing. Could she be closing even more sales?

Most people are mystified by internet marketing. It’s still a relatively new and very unique medium. You hire a web designer; you give them your marketing brochure or similar information about your company, and they create a web site for you. And then… more often than not, nothing happens. If you’re lucky, you get a handful of visitors, but very few contact you, much less buy from you.

It quickly becomes obvious that your web site isn’t working. It’s not generating leads or sales. Of course, if you knew where or what the problem was, you’d fix it. But that’s the most frustrating part of it; you’re stumped.

How can you tell what’s missing from your internet marketing? And how do you fix it?

Think of your website marketing as a large water main or pipe connecting a gigantic reservoir to your business. The reservoir is overflowing with prospects and your goal is to get as many relevant prospects as possible down through the pipeline to your business.

The web marketing pipeline has three valves; one for visitors, one for relationships and one for sales. Most websites are built with all three valves shut, blocking prospects from rushing to your site and keeping profits from flowing into your bank account. In most cases, even after months or years, these valves continue to restrict the flow of business so that only a small number of prospects ever make it to the point of sale.

To fix your website, you need to open all three valves. You need visitors, prospect relationships and sales in order to put money in the bank.

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Opening Your Web Marketing Pipeline

Take the following three steps to get more qualified visitors to your site:

1. Build incoming links from other sites. Writing and distributing articles is the fastest and most effective way to generate the type of links to your site that attract visitors and that help your ranking in the search engines. It’s effective and essentially free.

2. Sign up for Google Adwords. With a couple of attention-grabbing words, your pay-per-click ad is a quick way to attract site visitors while you’re working on improving your search engine positioning.

3. Help the search engines find your site and give it a top ranking. Make sure you know which words your prospects use when searching for your site and include them throughout your copy. And, of course, submit your site to the most popular search engines.

The more people that read your web page and contact you, the more prospect relationships you’ll have and the greater chance of generating a sale. Your site should prompt 5 to 20% of visitors to contact you. If it doesn’t, take the following three steps to open the relationship valve.

1. Use your page design to lead people through the information in the sequence you want them to follow, and lead them to the steps you want them to take.

2. Grab your prospects’ attention with your web copy by focusing on their concerns. Speak to their interests.

3. Give prospects a compelling reason to give you their contact information. Offer a free report that solves their problems or run a contest offering a prize they’d love to have.

20% of your sales can come directly from a prospect’s first visit to your website. What most people forget is that 80% of your sales come from your follow-up systems. Check to see that at a minimum you are doing all of the following:

1. Set up your email system so that prospects automatically receive a sequence of messages prompting them to take the next action you want them to take.

2. Use a weekly or monthly ezine to share ideas, success stories or case studies with qualified prospects. Pose problems and include links to your solutions.

3. When people sign up online for your free offer, be sure to collect information about what they want and need so you can follow-up with a phone call.

Marketing is all about percentages. Open the visitor valve by 25%, the relationship valve by 25% and the sales valve by 25% and your sales will increase by almost 100% (1.25 X 1.25 X 1.25). Leave them alone and sales will stay the same.

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