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I've had to add two more trucks to handle all the new business we're bringing in since I started using the marketing principles and ideas in your book. Highly recommended."

Donald Monroe, Monroe's Plumbing

"I've gotten more business in a month
than I anticipated getting in the whole year,
after using these principles in my marketing.

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I had no idea that my business could be so much more successful by making such small changes to my daily approach. This guide, in and of itself, should be a prerequisite to any individual looking to start a business. Well worth the investment!"

Jodi Salisbury, jsgraphicdesign.com

Hi, I'm Charlie Cook.

If you are like most entrepreneurs and small business owners, you are good—if not great—at satisfying your clients, but you could do a better job at attracting attention and growing your business.

At some point you've realized that if you want to reach the next level with your business, you will need to improve your marketing plans but you're not sure what to do first or which strategies and tactics really work.

Now imagine you had a clear understanding of how to market your services and products to increase sales.

The truth is that there is a simple formula fo r attracting clients, one that works every time. And all you need to do is follow the recipe. It's a little harder than boiling water, but easier than baking a cake.

Imagine You Had a Revolutionary Formula
Guaranteed To Help You Attract More Clients
and More Sales In This Economy.

How much would it be worth to you to get five more clients;
twenty-five; a hundred? $

Let me be blunt. You've got a choice to make, right here and now. You can continue to struggle using the typical smorgasbord of marketing tactics you've been using or doing almost no marketing... or you can take action to change your future, by claiming this simple client attraction formula, guaranteed to grow your business in this economy.

It's up to you.

If you're serious about growing your business I'm sure you'd like to discover the marketing formula you can use to make 50% more this year. If you earned $100,000 last year, you can use these marketing ideas to make $150,000 or more. If you made $200,000 last year you could be making $300,000 or more this year.

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"These marketing ideas work!

I’m getting many more calls and new clients since I started using the ideas from Attracting More & Better Customers in my ads and mailings. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their marketing plans and sell more. "

Myra Shelton, Realtor

"An absolute must for anyone serious about business.

'Attracting More & Better Customers' provides a great mix of practical advice and theory. I’d recommend it in a heartbeat to new and existing entrepreneurs, business coaches, students, and publicity specialists. Excellent marketing tool!"  

Rick Dunn
, SCORE, Counselors to America's Small Business

Discover Exactly How You Attract Many
More Clients and Sales.

Whether you provide consulting services, coaching, tax advice, sell hearig aids or phone systems, or provide catering or computer services, the approach mapped out in Attracting More & Better Customers can help you attract many more clients with less effort.

Marketing doesn’t have to be an onerous task. If you are tired of dead end activities or dislike selling, the key concepts and strategies provided in Attracting More & Better Customers will help you pull in a steady stream of new clients and increased profits.

With The Insider Secrets to Attracting More & Better Customers You'll:

Increase the response to your marketing efforts
Avoid wasting time on unproductive tactics
Make networking actually work to grow your business
Have more qualified prospects contact you by email and call you
Turn more of your prospects into paying clients and customers
Generate a steady stream of referrals
Find new business opportunities that could double your income

"A huge help!

Mike Simmons

Listen to Mike
It helped me gear my marketing to my customers needs and get a better response. Highly recommended to any and every business owner."

Mike Simmons, Owner,
G M Simmons Co, Jacksonville, FL

"For my money, Attracting More & Better Customers is an outstanding resource.

It has been a big help in keeping my marketing plan focused. I’ve got yellow stickies on almost every page marking useful ideas. While I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to grow their company, for now I’m hanging onto my copy like a bible."

Janet Noble, Medical Records Management, Fastchart

What's Holding Your Business Back?

Once you have Attracting More & Better Customers You'll Discover:

More and more qualified prospects will seek you out.
Marketing will be more natural, and fun.
People will think of you as the expert to call.
A higher rate of prospects will become paying clients.
Existing and past clients will provide more referrals.
You'll have a competitive advantage over others seeking the same business
Your acquisition costs per client will go down.
You'll enjoy the tangible and intangible benefits of having people seek you out for your help and advice.
Your marketing plans will result in increased business.

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Attracting More & Better Customers will help you jump start or revitalize your marketing efforts. It's packed with ideas that will create an immediate and positive transformation from business-as-usual to the business success you’ve always dreamed of. Not only the key principles you need to know but you'll have hundreds of effective marketing and sales techniques specifically for the independent professional and small business owner.

"It's clear, concise and filled with examples for the service provider and small business owner alike.

'Attracting More & Better Customers' is a must have for any service professional. I'll definitely be recommending it to all my clients."

Ellen Britt, PA-C, Ed.D., Personal Coach

"An invaluable resource to helping bring in more customers.

Over the past 3 years, I've read everything about marketing I could get my hands on to help me get people in the door. I'm only on page 30 of your small business marketing manual and you've already changed my thinking about marketing, giving me step-by-step instructions on how to market my business and marketing tasks I should be doing but didn't know how to do. Your manual is the best book on the subject!."

Melissa Cormier, Get Framed

Why Should You Get This?

Most books on marketing are about tactics that everyone already knows. What they don't include is a simple formula, or recipe that really works for independent professionals and small business owners.

"All of your marketing ideas work and boy...do they work!

Here’s one of the results. A reporter for the LA Times just stopped by to write an article about us which is scheduled for this Sunday, our one year anniversary. I couldn’t ask for anything better."
Nannette Keegan
, Home Furnishings

"Charlie, your marketing manual has helped
get my new business off the ground

Great clarity! I’ll be back to buy your other marketing manuals."
Henry Coe, Marketing Consultant

It's Written For You!

Attracting More & Better Customers is for entrepreneurs, service professionals and small business owners. It will help you develop a marketing plan step-by-step and includes hundreds of ideas you can immediately apply to build your business.

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It's Based on a Proven Strategy.

The concepts mapped out in The Insider Secrets to Attracting More & Better Customers have been tested over the last twenty years, enabled me to successfully build an internet business in just two years and sell it for an outrageous profit. The same strategies and techniques have helped many others grow their online and offline businesses.

"Charlie, you've packed a ton of easily digestible and immediately actionable information into this book.

Any small business owner or sole practitioner can follow this step-by-step strategy for sales success."
Scott Allen, About.com Entrepreneurs Guide

"A great tool to get you on track & in focus!

It helped me improve my marketing campaigns and sales calls."
Kim Miller

To Avoid the Common Mistakes Most Independent Professionals Make in Marketing Their Products and Services You Can . . .

. . . discover the principles and strategies to leverage your expertise. You could send out a million emails or postcards to prospects, but without applying the strategies in Attracting More & Better Customers, your mailing could be largely ignored or worse, push prospects away.

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What's In The Insider Secrets to Attracting
More & Better Customers

The 180+ page book is organized around the five fundamental marketing principles you need to apply to grow your business. (No, it isn't 300 pages long. It is written for the people like you with limited time, who want the key ideas they can use without fluff. My editor and I spent many long hours working to make the manual succinct and usable.)

The marketing guide contains the same principles and ideas that my clients pay much, much more to have me teach them on a one-to-one basis.

With "Insider Secrets to Attracting More And Better Customers" you'll unlock the door, step inside and finally discover:

5 most common barriers that service professionals and small businesses run up against. Page 2.
The twin fundamental principles of highly effective marketing. Page 4.
How to "pull clients in" - instead of "pushing them away." Page 5.
Why effective marketing is like building a house - starting with the foundation. Page 7.
12 internal and external barriers to success - and overcoming them. Pages 9.
Reframing negative perceptions of marketing into positive results. Page 12.
What Mark Twain can teach us about perceptions of marketing. Page 14
Why placing your credentials ahead of your client's needs is a recipe for failure. Page 18.
24 most common client needs and wants. Page 22.
How to help your clients identify the "real" problems of their business. Page 24.
Why listening to your client is more important than talking yourself up. Page 25.
21 essential questions to ask your client before offering up solutions. Page 26.
How the current business climate affects your marketing strategy. Page 28.
What the heck is U.V. P.? And why is it absolutely critical to your success? Page 30.
Why niche marketing is the superhighway to success. Page 38.
Streamline your marketing to coincide with your client's business cycles. Page 40.
Writing sales letters that explode off the page! Page 41.
How Les Schwab turned flat tires into marketing gold. Page 50.
The value of allowing your clients to "test drive" your products or services. Page 50.
How to become an expert in your field. Tip: Write your own articles. Page 51.
Testimonials: The Holy Grail of credibility. Page 57.
Leveraging the media for free business exposure. Page 57.
Trust: The blueprint for a long term business relationship. Page 60
Growing your prospect list - and turning those prospects into long-term customers. Page 63.
"Iron clad" guarantees: Why it gets your clients to say, "Yes!" Page 67.
The best times to ask for a referral. Page 70.
11 proven methods to increase your referrals. Page 71.

Instant Access

Calling your clients for testimonials, rather than emailing. Page 73.
"Mutual Marketing:" How Starbuck's and Borders set the standard. Page 75.
"Piggy Back" Marketing:" A booming trend that boosts sales for both you and your strategic partners. Page 76.
Networking secrets: How to make them remember you. Tip: It's not about your business card. Page 79.
The best time to follow-up on an initial conversation with a client. Page 80.
Making a "personal connection" with you client. It's often the deciding factor. Page 81.
Networking activities and resources to build exposure for your business. Page 82.
The Cheerios box: What it teaches us about building customer relationships. Page 85
Closing the sale: Just how many contacts with a client are needed? Page 85.
The most effective ways for clients to contact you. Page 86
7 critical elements for building a powerful client database. Page 87.
8 essential email strategies to grow your prospect list. Page 90.
The value of educating your customers before the sale. Page 92.
8 most productive formats to maintain contact with clients. Page 95.
Why most websites fail to connect with prospects - and how to make sure that yours isn't one of them. Page 97.
How to propel your website to the upper tiers of search engines like Google and Yahoo. Page 105.
How to get hundreds, even thousands, of other sites to link to your website. Page 109.
The power of illustrations, pictures and graphics in your marketing materials. Page 112.
Why marketing in the 21st Century is no longer a monologue - but rather a dialogue with your customers and clients. Page 113.
How to become a hero to your clients by solving their "unspoken" or "ill-defined" needs. Page 115.
Why the best "consultants" you can employ are already working at your company. Page 116.
The Dell Computer model: A crash course in customer-friendly marketing. Page 117.
Harnessing new ideas from you own imagination. Page 118.
Trends in your industry: The value of staying current. Page 118.
Amazon.com: What we can all learn from the 800 pound gorilla of "cross marketing" and "upselling." Page 119
Ben Stein's philosophy on getting what you want. Page 124.
5 bedrock marketing principles that every successful business must implement. Page 124.
Mark McCormack, (author of "What They Didn't Teach You at Harvard Business School") on setting goals and following through on them. Page 125
5 techniques to evaluate the strength of your marketing efforts. Page 127
Marketing Plan Matrix - to identify your primary and secondary markets. Page 129
24 point marketing communications checklist. Page 130.
Charlie's 55 point checklist for unlimited sales. Page 135.
Bonus interview with published author, in-demand speaker, professor and renowned marketing consultant and coach, Julie Chance. Page 140.
Why marketing to "hope" (and not "logic") is the ticket to capturing your prospect's business. Page 183.
10 point marketing action plan to build you client base. Page 185.

"I love it.

I recently received your Attracting More & Better Customers and I am already using your ideas in my sales letters with great success."
Debra Brunetti, Graphic Designer

"An excellent investment.

Full of solid ideas that helped me structure my marketing while avoiding wasting time and resources. Along with your Creating Web Sites that Sell web marketing manual, it has become a part of my marketing library. Highly recommended for small business owners."
Wendy Gordon, Web Publisher, www.thegreenguide.com

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You'll Get These 5 Bonus Sections...

Bonus #1: How to Write Your Marketing Plan

Use these 4 simple steps to creating your blueprint for success by defining goals, detailed objectives and measurable benchmarks.

($20.00 value... yours FREE)

You’ll discover …
  How to write a plan that helps your grow your business.
  How to identify objectives that you can achieve.
  How to know which parts of your marketing are working and which aren’t.
  Which marketing tools are right for your business and how to test and evaluate your efforts for maximum return.
  How to generate a steady stream of clients by creating and tracking your personalized system of marketing activities. 

Bonus #2: The Ultimate Marketing Checklist

55 Key Marketing Activities to Help You Succeed

($25.00 value... yours FREE)

Bonus #3: Marketing Secrets Teleseminar

Discover the answers to the most common marketing questions asked.

($30.00 value... yours FREE)

You'll discover:
 What’s the most effective way to differentiate your business from the competition?
  How can you use articles to drive traffic to your site and capture leads?
  What’s more powerful: Pay Per Click ad campaigns or optimized Web sites?
  How can you successfully market to senior executives.
  What’s considered a good click-through rate and how to get one?
  How to evaluate a good email list for generating leads and how to build your own?
  What’s the most effective and efficient way to reach more prospects? Ads or direct mail?
  How do the pros write print ads that generate sales?
  How can you reduce the sales cycle and get you faster from "maybe" to "yes"
 When should you consider discounting to spark more sales?
  And what’s the single, most important tactic that will double your sales…and much, much more.

Bonus #4: What Motivates Prospects to Buy

Find out the secret to what prompts people to buy, it's not what you think it is.

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Bonus #5: Putting Your Marketing Plan Into Action

Take these 10 steps to get started and quickly begin to attract more clients.

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For Your Convenience You'll Receive
The Insider Secrets to Attracting
More & Better Customers
As a Digital PDF.

You can use this marketing tool as a step-by-step guide to creating and implementing your marketing strategies. Or you can use it as a resource for marketing ideas to augment your existing business plan or to give you inspiration when you get stuck. Hundreds of ideas are included, clearly organized to help you implement the essential principles.

What Does It Cost?

Normally 'The Insider Secrets to Attracting More
& Better Customers' sells for $249.95

Your cost if you order today - $149!

Plus You 5 Special Bonus Sections
valued at $107.00 - For FREE!

Total Value $356.95,
Your EXCLUSIVE Price - $149

What Is It Worth?

What would that be worth to you? For some of my customers a new client is equal to $200 in additional profit; for others, each new client earns them an additional $20,000.

"The most practical applications of any small business marketing system I've ever read.

I was able to put your ideas to use immediately. It helped me target my market and improve my advertising. I'd strongly recommend it to any small business owner as well as other UPS stores. Definitely worth the money!"

Shawn Cochran, UPS Store owner

"Instrumental in making my business a success.

Cliff Brake

Listen to Cliff

As an engineer, marketing has always been a mystery. Charlie's marketing tools have helped me to understand marketing in a practical way. They are GREAT!"
Cliff Brake, Bec-Systems

"A must-read for aspiring and
established business owners.

It provides a clear road map for professionals who want to grow their business and increase their profits."

Lynn Terry, Internet Marketer & Publisher, SelfStartersWeeklyTips

Your investment in this marketing guide will pay off in a dramatic increase in profits as you implement all of the key principles and many of the hundreds of marketing ideas.

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Do you get a guarantee?

You'll be protected by my three-part guarantee

Like all of my marketing books, this one is packed full of ideas you can immediately put to use and pay back your investment within days. I know you’ll quickly see what a great investment you’ve made in yourself and your future.

My reputation is at stake with each copy of The Insider Secrets to Attracting More & Better Customers, to make your buying decision a no-brainer here's my Three Part No Risk Money-Back Guarantee.

Three Part No Risk
Money-Back Guarantee.

Part 1: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
No explanation needed. Just say you want a refund, return the report and I’ll give it to you - no questions asked.

Part 2: 100% Return On Investment
My usual 30 day unconditional money back guarantee has been extended to 90 days for this report. That way you’ll have plenty of time to dive in and thoroughly check out the selling secrets my report contains. And, if for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re not "blown away" by its contents, simply return the report with a note to me at my address below… and… I’ll send you a full and fast refund on every dime you paid. No excuse needed. No questions or hassles.

Part 3: Charlie's-Out-Of-His-Mind Unbeatable Guarantee
If you don't more than triple the cost of your investment in one year, I'll refund you your money and pay you $200 out of my own pocket. That's right. If you apply these strategies, I personally guarantee that you'll more than triple your investment within the year. I'm giving you hundreds of ideas you can put to use right away and it should be simple for you to triple the cost of your investment.

My report either delivers on everything I’ve told you about on this website… or… it’s your’s to keep… for free!

Yes, I'll send you a 100% refund and $200 check.

Just send me your proof that you tried at least 5 out of the 100s of ideas in the course, as well as proof of the results you achieved showing the gain in sales (or lack thereof) and I'll refund your purchase price in full and pay you $200 and you get to keep the report.

You don't have to use the strategies in this course to get the refund, just to get an additional $200 check and keep it for free.

If you don't completely agree that this course and the ideas in it are worth thousands of dollars in potential profits, or if you just decide not to use it at all... you can return it at any time and get a full refund of the purchase price.

This guarantee is written for the 99.5% of people who are honest, but wisely skeptical -- not for the one or two people who will try to take advantage of it to get the course without paying.

How can we offer an incredible 3 part guarantee like this? The ideas and strategies in it are so good that only a few people have ever taken advantage of it.

As you can see in our testimonials, most people see their profits grow so fast when they start applying these strategies they are delighted and wouldn't send back the course if you paid them thousands of dollars.

You may have looked at other marketing and sales courses that offer a guarantee. Some even include a "100% money-back guarantee". But so what? You're still taking the risk when you place your order. When you purchase the 'Insider Secrets to Attracting More & Better Customers', I'm the one taking the risk. If it doesn't deliver, I'm the one who ends up out-of-pocket, not you.


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The Insider Secrets to Attracting More & Better Customers is written in Charlie Cook's concise, well organized, easy-to-read and helpful style, like his newsletters and other books. Thousands of copies of his training guides have been bought and used by executives, managers and trainers at hundreds of companies including Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Merck, Chevron, IBM and Boeing.

His marketing articles and tips have appeared in hundreds of online and print publications, including regular appearances in "Sales and Service Excellence", "Money n' Profits" and "BusinessWeek Online".

Charlie is president of In Mind Communications, LLC. For the past twenty years he has been consulting with business owners and senior managers to help them manage their time, attract more clients and grow their businesses.

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