Free Small Business Marketing Calculators

1. Small Business Breakeven Calculator

Determine how many sales you need to make to breakeven.

2. Calculate How Much More You Could Be Making

See how much more you could be earning with 1 more or 10 more sales.

3.  Calculate the Lifetime Value of A Client

Before you spend money on marketing determine how much each client is worth to during their lifetime of buying from you.

4.  Calculate the Return on Investment for Your Advertising

Do the math before you spend money on marketing. See how much you need to bring in in revenue to make your advertising campaign pay for itself.

5.  Calculate Your Web Site Marketing Conversion Rates

For each page on your site, whether it’s your homepage, a landing page or a sales page, there is only on number that can tell you how well its working.  Use this calculator to evaluate how well your web site marketing is working.

6.  Calculate The Impact Customer Loyalty Can Have On Your Bottom Line.

See how increasing customer loyalty can add profits to your company.

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(VALUE: $200)
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