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Getting Started

icon-artHow To Profit From Your Own Personal Brand

Discover how much more you can make with your personal brand.

Creating Your Own Brand

icon-p-artHow To Create A Top Marketing Slogan

Use this simple formula to craft  your own top slogan and see which are the top 90 advertising slogans of all time.

icon-p-audThe Secret To Profiting From Your Personal Brand

Peter Montoya explains how you can power up your marketing with these personal branding strategies.

icon-p-audCreating Your Own Winning Brand

Al Ries, author of at least a dozen books on marketing, including The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding and Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind, normally charges $30,000 a day but Charlie persuaded him to share his top branding secrets with you. Discover the key to creating your own winning brand.

icon-p-artHow To Build Your Brand In 4 Steps

Discover the 4 key steps to building your own brand identity.

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In less than 67 seconds, discover your company’s online reputation score and how to improve your reviews to attract more clients. Based on an analysis of the review sites that matter.