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"I used to have a 30% conversion rate - which I thought was good. Now its 90% and I'm downscaling ALL my advertising.

I thought you were hyping it all up and told my wife I'd try the methods laid out in your '7 Steps' for two weeks to see if they made a difference. It took me two hours to set up the next day and the results were unbelievable. Where I used to spend 6-8 minutes on the phone asking (begging?) customers to use us, now it's like 2 minutes and they call back ready to buy!"

Adam Griffiths,
Furniture Movers, Australia

"Your excellent small business marketing eBook gave me insights into what one needs to do to make the most of one's small business endeavors and create marketing strategies to do so.

How can anyone afford not to know it? It's a wonder none of these marketing ideas are taught in schools."

Jaci Smith

"The result of using your marketing strategy is more business and less wasted time running in circles.

Charlie's small business marketing ideas helped me focus more on what I'm trying to do."

Bernie Landry,
Communications Designer

"I liked the way your book for small business owners treats marketing holistically

- i.e., you suggest developing a strategy that integrates all different forms of marketing into other aspects of the business."

Cynthia Jennings

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