3 Surefire Ways To Attract Patients To Your Medical Practice

I come from 7 generations of doctors and I can tell you from growing up with my Dad, brother and nephew that while they had lots of expertise marketing wasn’t one of their areas of expertise.

Marketing your medical practice, whether you’re an ENT or Audiologist in this day involves 3 key strategies.

1. Online Marketing

Having a website is key, but once you do the key to success is your seo strategy, also known as search engine marketing. While some people don’t grasp the importance of social media, the people that do will easily outperform the competition on search engine results pages.

Search engines employ hundreds of factors when ranking websites online, and due to the “freshness factor” social media is quickly becoming one of the most important marketing tools at our disposal. Search engines will frequently rank fresh and trending content on social media higher than static or stale content.

2. Referrals

Every patient you see, on average, knows 100 people; many of whom could benefit from your medical advice, whether you’re an ENT and help people with their sinuses or you sell hearing aids. Of course other doctors are the best source of referrals, but these relationships rarely build themselves. They key is to have an active patient and physician referral marketing program.

3. Direct Mail

Before you gasp and deny my sanity, think about if you have purchased anything in the last year due to direct mail marketing. ? You may be surprised that most people do, particularly if they know you. ENTs could be offering allergy testing, audiology services and hearing tests. When done correctly, direct mail can increase your annual revenue by 30% or more.

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