Who Else Wants The Most Powerful, Money Making Marketing Advertising Slogans Of All Time?

If you’ve got a marketing budget in the tens of millions to promote your brand name, then an ad slogan may be a good idea and help with your branding efforts. If you’re a small business a marketing slogan is usually a waste of money. You’re better off with a concise marketing message that explains what you do or the benefit of your products and services.

Large companies with large marketing budgets spend huge millions of advertising dollars to build their brand using popular advertising slogans. Take a look at the following list of advertising slogans and see which ones you remember or actually make you want to buy the product or service. They’re a few real gems in the list below.

Marketing and Advertising Slogans

1- “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh
what a relief it is!”
2- “You’re in good hands with Allstate.” Allstate
3- “Membership has its privileges” American Express
4- “Don’t leave home without it” American Express
5- “Think different” Apple Computers
6- “Reach out and touch someone.” AT&T
7- “We try harder.” Avis
8- “The Greatest
Show on Earth”
Barnum & Bailey
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