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Marketing coach Charlie Cook.The manuals, coaching and other marketing services I provide are all based on one simple business concept. The purpose of marketing is to help your prospects get what they want and bring in more business.

Why use this small business marketing approach?

When you focus your marketing on helping your prospects, instead of selling, you’ll close more sales, a lot more sales!

As quoted online in BusinessWeek.

Clients report 50% or better growth within the first few months.

Whether you want to use the manuals on this site, work with me one-on-one to define and implement your small business marketing strategy or just want an expert to write marketing copy for you, my objective is the same. I’ll be working with you to help you get a better response from your marketing so you can grow your business.

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How did I become a marketing guru, an expert in helping people like you attract more clients online and offline so you can increase your sales and profits?

I’m one of those people who is always looking for a better way. After 15 years of kayaking, I’m still finding ways to go faster or surf the boat and flip less frequently. If I’m out on my trimaran I’m constantly adjusting the sails to get that extra knot of speed. If I’m skiing its finding a more efficient and fluid way to ski the bumps and the trees. In my work, my passion is helping people like you discover a better way to attract clients and grow your business.

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Let me give you one example of how I work. Back in the ’90s I launched my first web site. When a month or so later it wasn’t showing in the search engines, I started researching how the search engines rank sites and how to put my sites at the top. Each time I found an idea, I tested it and looked for ways to make it work even better.

The result was one of the first books on how to market sites to the search engines. I followed this up by creating a web site that reviewed and ranked search engines. My reference web site “” was featured on National Public Radio, in “Fast Company” magazine, as well as in “USA Today” and ranked in the top 100 web sites by “PC Magazine.” I sold this site for hundreds of times what it cost me to ZDNet, the largest technology content provider on the internet.

Over the years I’ve researched and tested a set of marketing principles, a marketing strategy and a way of attracting clients and growing businesses. The result is a marketing methodology which can help you pull in a steady stream of clients and profits.

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I’ve been developing and perfecting this system for over twenty years. I wrote the manuals on this site and provide marketing services to individuals and corporations so you can skip this twenty-year learning curve and go right to increasing your sales.

Over the last twenty years I’ve been providing marketing and management consulting services to Fortune 500 companies that include AETNA, AT&T, Cendant, GTE, and Pitney Bowes as well as mid-sized companies like Citizens Utilities and Hartford Steam Boiler, publications that include Fortune, Hemispheres and Forbes and numerous small businesses.

Thousands of copies of my training manuals have been bought and used by executives, managers and trainers at hundreds of Fortune 500 companies including AT&T, Merck, Chevron, IBM and Boeing as well as by marketing professionals, individuals and entrepreneurs.

My marketing articles and marketing strategies have been widely published in both online and print publications. I’m a columnist for Sales and Service Excellence, Money n’ Profits and Home Business magazines as well as being regularly published in dozens of other business and marketing journals and magazines including Business Week. I’m regularly interviewed on the radio and have appeared on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Sales and Marketing radio show.

While I am constantly identifying and testing ideas and sharing proven marketing strategies with my marketing coaching clients what’s most important is the results. The marketing strategies and marketing plans I’ve helped clients apply generate profits.

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You Can Improve Your Marketing Response, Attract More Clients and Increase Your Sales

Grow your business with marketing coach Charlie Cook.Are you responsible for marketing your business? Want to discover how to attract more clients, grow your business, increase sales, and be more successful? Do you want ads that work, sales letters that get the phone ringing, a web site that sells, a steady stream of clients and profits? Do you want help with ...

Getting Attention
• Your marketing message
• Response to sales letters
• Return on advertising
• Generating leads

Positioning Your Business
• Establishing credibility
• Clarifying your value
• Using your articles & ezine


• Overcoming objections
• Getting commitments
• Increasing sales
• Getting more referrals
• Increasing lead generation and sales from your web site

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