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Getting Started

How to Reach Your Goals This Yearicon-aud

Find out the fastest way to focus your time and get your marketing going so you can attract more clients this year. On this audio you’ll discover which two things hold most business owners back, the simple secret strategy that helped one client make more than 2 million dollars and much more.

How to Position Your Business For Successicon-art

Use these 4 simple steps to put your business on top.

Step 1 Know What You’re Marketingicon-art

If your marketing is focused on you, you’re making the classic mistake that could kill your business. Discover what it is that prospects buy.

Why Marketing Your Small Business Is Like Rowing…icon-art

How to pull in new clients with your marketing instead of pushing them away.

10 Easy Small Business Marketing Strategies That Workicon-art

Discover the ten ways to put your marketing and your business on track.

What’s Missing From Your Small Business Marketingicon-art

Use these 4 easy ways to supercharge your marketing.

10 Ways to Build Trust and Build Your Small Businessicon-art

Most small business owners assume that their prospects trust them. FALSE! Discover the easy way to firmly establish your credibility and get more people buying.

Free and Low Cost Marketing

How Anyone Can Increase Profits Without Spending More On Marketingicon-art

Here are two simple marketing strategies you can use to make more and spend less.

4 Free Ways to Market Your Businessicon-art

Some of the most powerful ways to grow your business can be had for free! Use these 4 whether you’re netting $50,000 a year business or a $10,000,000 a year business.

4 More Free Ways to Grow Your Businessicon-art

Use these 4 simple marketing strategies to boost business, at no cost, anytime of year.

Recommended Marketing Resources From Charlie Cookicon-art

Here are my handpicked marketing resources. I either use these myself or have gotten rave reviews from clients about these marketing resources.

Advanced Marketing

icon-p-art6 Proven Ways To Get More Sales Right Away

Just follow these 6 simple steps to jumpstart your sales.

icon-p-art9 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Make Big Profits

9 simple ways to make more and spend less on marketing.

icon-p-audThe Top Secrets to Guerrilla Marketing

Jay Conrad Levinson of Guerrilla Marketing reveals the most cost-effective marketing strategies you can use in this economy to increase sales.

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In less than 67 seconds, discover your company’s online reputation score and how to improve your reviews to attract more clients. Based on an analysis of the review sites that matter.