How To Grow Any Business With LinkedIn

by Charlie Cook

What comes to mind when you think of social media?

For most people, Facebook and Twitter are the answers. Which is logical given that they are where everyone’s kid, mother, relative and friend is hanging out.

But get this! The people with money, the decision makers, are on LinkedIn!

Originally, I made the mistake of thinking that LinkedIn was only a place to connect with other business owners but I was wrong! Anyone can grow their business using LinkedIn.

I discovered this a few weeks ago when I inteviewed Lewis Howes, author of LinkedIn Master Strategies. I have to tell you, this guy really knows his stuff.

Just by applying a couple of the ideas from the interview you are about to hear, I attracted over 500 new contacts on LinkedIn in two weeks, and the requests continue to flood in at 40-50 a day. And you can do the same when you put these ideas to use.

You’ll discover how to: increase website traffic, find leads, investors and freelancing gigs, increase sales, find the right employees, get free pr, and become a thought leader for your industry.

Just click here to listen to Lewis Howes.

You’ll discover how simple it is to prosper with LinkedIn.

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