The Secret To Twitter Revealed

by Charlie Cook

For the uninitated twitter looks like spam in a different format. It’s got a mix of people’s personal self-indulgent messages, trite comments and a slew of self-promotional tweets. So why should you bother with Twitter?

Personally, I’ve wondered the same thing for a while. I had my assistant set up a Twitter account and even paid a so called social media expert to work on it – with the result that I got a ton of twitter trash – the types of messages outlined above.

But… that was because I didn’t get it until I interviewed Derek Fredrickson last week. During my conversation with Derek, the lightbulb went off in my head and I realized how easy it is to use Twitter.

In a nutshell, Twitter is a networking tool. Follow people you admire, people you’d like to know about. And UNFOLLOW everybody else. With Twitter it’s easy just to get rid of all the annoying tweets by unfollowing the people who are sending them.

That way you can put yourself in the midst of the conversation with the thought leaders in your field. Once I started just following smart people I wanted to hear from, I discovered two things. First, I was learning a lot from my colleagues and customers. And, people started following me in droves.

To get the details on how you can prosper with Twitter, click here and listen to Derek Fredrickson. You’ll discover how simple it is to connect with people in your field.

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